I am a Marketing Communications Consultant with over 12 years of experience. My professional portfolio includes working in agency and corporate environments, ranging from Start-up to Fortune 1000 companies like Hilton Worldwide and Carat Global Media. I also love to read and write.

Services offered

  • Personal Branding Management

    Development of your personal brand statement: Summing up your unique promise of value in a clear and concise way (from 1 to 2 sentences): what you are the best at (value), who you serve (audience) and how you do it uniquely (USP - Unique Selling Proposition).

    Building online presence.

    Write thought leadership articles.

  • English to Spanish & Spanish to English Translations

    Human Translations of Marketing Collateral:
    Brochures, newsletters, press releases, company and product fact sheets, direct mail, biographies, and other offline and online promotional materials such as e-mail content, web content, social media content, blog posts, and articles.

  • Content Marketing

    Creation, publication, and distribution of content that includes: web pages, blogs, social media posts, and articles.


  • English Native

  • Spanish Native

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