Writer, illustrator, and public speaker on a mission to debunk the myth of perfection.


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    at The Not Perfect Hat Club

    January 2016 - at Present

    North Carolina

    The Not Perfect Hat Club is the fifth book in the CritterKin books series. It has sparked so much interest by calling attention to how the myth of perfectioni stifles creativity and creates competitiveness and fear, that I have begun focusing my efforts full-time on getting the word out about the book and programs. I bill myself as an author, illustrator and public speaker who as embarked on a global campaign to debunk the myth of perfection. I offer author readings, virtual classroom visits, workshops and keynotes focused on helping people of all ages recover from the perfectionist mindset and ignite creativity. Curious? Learn more at http://notperfecthatclub.com

  • Co-founder and Creative Director

    at CritterKin LLC

    April 2007 - December 2015

    North Carolina

    Came up with the word CritterKin (animal family). The word became the name of the company and it's mission - create story-driven products and services that allow children to learn social-emotional as well as academic skills. * Wrote and illustrated five books * Developed and taught programs based on the books * Hosted a global blogging and creative program for elementary students with 163 classrooms in 16 countries * Designed and built three websites * Managed the social media promotions and related artwork * Visited hundreds of classrooms around the world * Presented the CritterKin concept at conferences

Services offered

  • Author Readings and Creative Activities

    Interactive readings and creative activities for students in first through fifth grades, designed to help them learn vital 21st skills including empathy, kindness, collaboration and multimedia communication.

    For more information visit: http://notperfecthatclub.com

  • Keynotes - Perfectionism

    Engaging, entertaining and inspiring keynotes with a recovering perfectionist. Jena shares her lifelong journey to recover and discover what makes her unique an how you and your colleagues can ignite your creativity and productivity.

    For more information and a list of topics, visit: http://jenaball.com/speaking/


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