Jeremy Feakins currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE). Throughout his career, Jeremy has focused on supporting projects that make a positive impact on the world—especially if the projects help the environment or advance sustainability.


  • Chairman & CEO

    at Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation

    January 2011 - at Present


    Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE Corporation) is a leading renewable energy company at the forefront of bringing clean energy to the world. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a base-load renewable energy production process particularly suited for tropical zones. This proven technology uses the ocean's temperature differential between the warm surface water and the cold deep water to generate both electricity and potable water. This 24/7 energy production technology does not depend on fossil fuels, is not vulnerable to world market fluctuations, and has less environmental impact than other energy producers.

  • Founder and CEO

    at JPF Venture Group, Inc.

    July 2009 - at Present


    With over 30 years experience managing highly successful entrepreneurial ventures, Jeremy Feakins and JPF Venture Group have led and/or advised startup, early stage, and middle market companies from concept through public listing in both the US and Europe. • Planning for growth; including business funding opportunities under the American Jobs Act, venture and institutional capital, private investors and other sources • Assisting entrepreneurs, management teams and board members make informed decisions before building a business or investing in the United States or global markets • Exporting from and importing to the United States • Strategic goal setting and advice • Project management • Public listing strategies

  • Chairman and CEO

    at Medical Technologies & Innovations, Inc.

    May 1992 - October 2007


    Jeremy Feakins built a unique medical device/products company in Medical Technology & Innovations, Inc from concept to marketing by developing a first to market vision screening device ("The PhotoScreener"), designed to identify serious eye problems in young, preverbal or difficult to screen children. The company arranged for expansion capital from private, institutional and governmental agencies, and successfully took company public providing investors with a 500% return on their original investment. Medical Technologies & Innovations, Inc acquired proprietary technology for a new Female Incontinent Device, and successfully sold the PhotoScreener distribution rights to a major eyewear company.


  • Accounting and Business Management

    at Defence College of Logistics and Personnel Administration

    1974 - 1978 (4 years)


  • English Native

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