A dynamic, accomplished, multilingual PR specialist whose writing has appeared in publications including The Washington Examiner, The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, Fox News, and Forbes, among others.


  • Seminarian

    at Order of Saint Augustine

    August 2018 - August 2019


     Lived in a formation community with the Augustinians and took courses in philosophy and theology at Villanova University.  Engaged in service with marginalized communities in South Philadelphia.

  • Account Executive

    at Hispanic Communications Network

    January 2017 - June 2018

    Washington, D.C.

     Developed and managed high-profile Spanish Language radio and social media campaigns, including work to prevent Sex Trafficking from Mexico, increasing awareness of migrant workers’ rights, and a HIV testing campaign within the Hispanic community.  Strategically placed press releases, media advisories, and op-eds in publications relevant to campaign goals.  Helped clients identify and work within the parameters of their institutional brand.  Edited outgoing deliverables for grammatical excellence and stylistic flow.  Created detailed, actionable client reports that outline campaign success both qualitatively and quantitatively.  Created and executed project timelines and budgets.  Used best practices to facilitate clear, concise communications between clients and internal teams.

  • Program Manager

    at Atlas Network

    August 2014 - December 2016

    Washington, D.C.

     Procured and created original content for our website and social media platforms.  Elaborated and executed successful multi-media campaigns to promote our program’s mission.  Oversaw a team of 6 Ph.D. economists and their contributions to the program.  Edited and placed well-received pieces featured in Forbes, US News & World Report, The Baltimore Sun, The Hill, Fox News, The New York Sun, The Wall Street Journal, Politico, and The New York Times, among others.  Organized and participated in panels and events related to monetary policy, including the Mont Pelerin Society, the International Students for Liberty Conference, the Jackson Hole Summit, and program events in Washington, DC and New York City.  Maintained productive, professional institutional relationships with 78 partners in Latin America, managing grant proposals and interfacing with regional leadership to plan, facilitate, and fund in-country projects.

  • Intern

    at Tax Foundation

    February 2014 - June 2014

    Washington, D.C.

     Blogged about US tax policy, with a post cited in “Bitcoin and the Future of Money,” a book published by Triumph Books in 2014; other pieces appeared on the Tax Foundation’s blog and The Baltimore Sun.  Researched complex historical tax figures for tax models later used by the Tax Foundation when GOP candidates submitted their tax plans for the Tax Foundation to review during the last Presidential election.  Compiled in-depth literary reviews on relevant local and state tax policy for the use of senior staff.

  • Language Consultant

    at Arc Aspicio

    January 2011 - January 2013

    Washington, D.C.

     Provided emergency Spanish language response translations for FEMA during hurricanes including Irene and Sandy.  Translated the contents of FEMA’s ready.gov into Spanish for the creation of the Spanish language version of the website.  Edited outgoing communications for clarity and format.

  • Intern

    at Cato Institute

    September 2012 - December 2012

    Washington, D.C.

     Monitored Latin American news-outlets and created written summaries for department staff  Performed comprehensive analytical investigation of present economic and political conditions in Latin America for use by senior staff  Edited and translated Spanish language blog-posts for publication on Cato Institute pages.

  • Research Assistant

    at Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo

    February 2012 - August 2012

    Metropolitana de Santiago

     Compiled extensive statistical and qualitative analysis of criminal activity and court cases, including the analysis of local FOI requests to produce a succinct and accessible product.  Provided outstanding Spanish language written analysis of benefits of decentralization of law enforcement in Chile, writing chapter of a report that outlined the importance of communal policing, outlining the practices of Germany, France and Spain.


  • Masters of Arts

    at Villanova University

    2018 - at Present (2 years) Pennsylvania

  • Bachelor of Arts

    at The George Washington University

    2009 - 2014 (5 years) Washington, D.C.


  • English Native

  • Spanish Native

  • German Conversation

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