John Seckel runs Seckel Enterprises, LLC. Acting as President Seckel offers consulting for professionals as well as major enterprises and corporations. Seckel leverages his contacts, and experience to launch ventures of his own to fill market gaps.


  • Vice President of CPIB

    at Wachovia Corporation

    May 2004 - July 2008


    After graduation, Seckel went on to accept a position with the Wachovia Corporation as an analyst. At Wachovia, he was quickly promoted on to the position of Vice President of CPIB for the company. John was involved in the purchasing analysis for UBOC, SouthTrust, HSBC and more. In those two years, he was awarded for customer service on $825MM M&A Deal. Based on his experience, John Seckel uncovered his passion for entrepreneurship.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Management Information Systems

    at Northeastern University

    1999 - 2003 (4 years) Massachusetts

Services offered

  • Consulting

    Acting as president Seckel began by offering consulting from wealthy individuals to major enterprises and corporations. Working with a host of people, companies and industries he began to recognize gaps in the market. Seckel began to leverage his contacts, experience and business-savvy to launch ventures of his own to fill these voids.

    He currently works on company’s Cheap Social Media, LOExclusive and REExclusive. John sees marketing and social media as an essential part of any business today, but unfortunately many small businesses and young professionals can’t afford marketing services due to the astronomical prices. This inspired him to launch multiple ventures related to marketing services at an affordable rate. John wants to help other executives and young professionals who are in the same place he once was achieve the same level of personal and professional success. His companies help businesses and individuals make the necessary connections to kick start their careers and business.

    Aside from his work in social media, John Seckel is also fascinated and excited about the potential for personalized nutrition to change lives. Having struggled with his own personal health and fitness, Seckel tried a lot of the ‘fad’ diet and exercise plans, but he wasn’t seeing the long-term results he was looking for until he experimented with personalized nutrition. In identifying his personal intolerances and allergies, John managed to balance his energy and see results. Now he wants to help others see the same lasting impact with his personalized nutrition plan company, Lean Soul. Everyone should have the energy and stamina to play with their kids or complete basic work. With Lean Soul people can stop the fads and start the Lean Soul lifestyle.

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