Hi there! This is Karl Johnson. I’m a professional graphic designer and an online SEO marketer. Right now, I am working for Color Experts International, a dedicated high end quality photo editing company.

Services offered

  • Photo Retouching

    Here at CEI, we have been working 24/7 in 3 shifts to provide you the best quality service. From clipping path to architectural floor plan- we are covering almost all types of image editing service.
    Flawless Photography is perhaps never possible without expensive shooting gears. But, even with the worst photograph and lighting, you can turn it to a stunning masterpiece with Digital Photo Retouching Service. As outsourcing photo retouching is very cost effective, you can let go of the worries to shoot the best, and let us work on the rest.
    From Digital Makeover to cleaning dust from your product photo, we provide endless range of photo touch-up services.

    We provide Photography Post Production Services for various types of Photographs. Services include: Wedding Photography Retouching, Product Photography Retouching, Real Estate Photography Retouching, Fashion Photography Retouching, Stock Photography Retouching, Photoshop Lightroom Photo Editing.

    Pen Tablet (Wacom)-Based High End Photo Retouching Service

    We have worked for various famous magazines, brochure/ catalogs, e-commerce sites, advertisements, company branding etc. The images required for such output demands high-end quality. So by using pen tablet (Wacom) for retouching photos, we keep the natural texture unchanged and perform high-end photo retouching in more non-destructive way. Pen Tablets (Wacom) helps in maintaining natural color shedding, image dimension, tones etc.
    Before onboarding as a customer, you can try us for free. Hit the free trial button below! You can also experience our bulk photo editing works at an amazing discount price.
    For a better understanding, please go to our gallery page for work samples.

  • Glamour Retouching (Digital Makeover):

    When the natural look is not enough, we use Glamour Retouching to provide more stunning look with complete digital makeover. Services include: Celebrity and Model Retouching, Pageant Retouching, Glitz Photo Retouching, Weight Reduction and Body Slimming, and more.

  • Creative Image Manipulation:

    Creative Photo Manipulation includes composite and blends of various photos in Photoshop, which helps to create entirely exceptional and abstract output. Services include: Photo montage and Photo collage, Image Blending, Digital scrapbooking, Photoshop Composite Retouching, and more.

  • Remove Image Background:

    We are one of the best in cleaning images and removing background from product photos. Services include: Remove background with Clipping Path, Removing Background from Objects with Soft Edges by Photoshop Masking, Remove Mannequin and create Ghost Mannequin Effect, Remove Unwanted Objects from Background, etc.

  • Photo Enhancement

    Our Photo Enhancing Service increases the quality of an image. We use various techniques, such as: image saturation adjustment, color balancing, contrast, brightness, density fixing, noise reduction from the photo. Services include: Photo Exposure Correction, Color Correction, Image Shadow and Reflection, Photo Restoration, and more.


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