Helping those in Tech • Engineering • Medicine create Agile Leaders, Teams & Cultures

I show professionals in these fields how to ● MAKE bigger breakthroughs & better results ● GET where they want to go ● SUCCEED as leaders, partners, creators & change agents ● EVOLVE into who they aspire to be.

Services offered

  • Accelerate Your Evolution!

    . . . Through outdoor 3D learning that builds and integrates BQ (Body Intelligence) with IQ and EQ.

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  • Developmental Coaching

    Grounded in empirical evidence from emerging neuroscience, inspired by our human longing for connection, expression, exploration, and growth.

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    ● Why Do People Get Coached?
    ● What's In a SciEnspire! Coaching Package?
    ● Trust, Security and Confidentiality
    ● Accessing and Customizing My Online Office (Private Client Website)
    ● Support

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  • Solutions to Meet Development Needs for Your Whole System — •Individual •Team •Organization •Culture

    ● Customized training and guidance for Sci-TEch-Med enterprise to catalyze leadership, team building and business agility. And to develop core competencies and character strengths.

    ● Group FACILITATION of workshops, focus sessions and retreats for Sci–TEch–Med enterprise to accomplish many more things.

    • support big change after big training investments
    • ensure that those investments return desirable results that stick
    • develop individuals as successful leaders, partners, creators and change agents.

    ● Expert design, delivery and curation of discovery-based experiences that foster EQ and BQ (Body Intelligence). And that spark teams' holistic adaptive learning for changing situations in uncertain times.

    ● Guidance for large–scale, complex major–change initiatives in consultation or partnership with other highly qualified organizational development professionals.

    ● Program siting at the client's choice of location(s), including Triangle Training Center in Pittsboro, North Carolina — a 30-acre park-like setting with modern classroom-office facilities and amenities.

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