Now that I'm a retired 15 year firefighter/EMT, I've become a traumatologist and healing instructor. Hence, I co-founded Raise Your Resilience, to instruct people on how to raise their own innate resilience. I believe in community, and am therefore a practicing intentional communitarian..


  • Resilience Instructor

    at Raise Your Resilience, LLC

    April 2014 - at Present


    At Raise Your Resilience, we empower people to discover themselves and remove the roadblocks that prevent them from experiencing life in a happy, meaningful, and connected way. As professional stress and trauma release instructors, we present individual solutions to foster forward looking post traumatic growth, without having to re-experience it. In a unique program we help people gain new tools and marshal existing resources to equip them in learning themselves by relieving stress, healing trauma, and PTSD without focusing on it.

  • Firefighter/EMT

    at South Whidbey Fire/EMS

    November 2002 - November 2015


    Volunteer firefighting and emergency medical calls were the primary duties, and public education and organization representative behind that. I as a public servant. I have many certifications from the fire service and FEMA.

  • Carpenter

    at Gemkow Construction

    August 2003 - October 2011


    Residential and commercial framing and finish carpenter.


  • Yellow Belt Krav Maga

    at Armstrongs ATA TaeKwonDo/Krav Maga

    2016 - 2017 (1 year) Washington

  • Tension & Trauma Release Exercises Instructor

    at TRE Institute

    2013 - 2015 (2 years) Washington

Services offered

  • Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) Instructor

    TRE is a series of gentle exercises that activate the body's innate mechanism for stress release and trauma healing. I teach people how to self-induce this mechanism via the exercises, and then to self-regulate the experience so they can heal their trauma without re-experiencing it.


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