Seasoned financial services and business development professional, with extensive experience in the Commercial Capital Markets. My expertise includes leveraging resources for maximum return, identifying and sourcing the best funding solutions for Commercial Projects.


  • President & CEO

    at NAMM Advisors Group Inc.

    January 2016 - at Present

    New York

    As Principal and CEO, Maria Feneque provides the leadership and strategic direction for NAMM Advisors Group’s growth and new business opportunities.  Maria has been in the Commercial Real Estate & Mortgage Industry for 30 years.  The past 10 years, Maria has been heavily involved in the structuring and funding of various commercial projects & sustainable energy projects throughout the U.S. & Overseas.  Maria’s personal attention to detail and amicable approach has created an extensive network of Banks, Hedge Funds, Private Lenders and Developers both in the U.S. and international sectors.  ​ ​

Services offered

  • Commercial Real Estate Broker & Commercial Mortgage Broker

    NAMM Advisors specializes in Commercial Real Estate and Commercial Funding transactions in the U.S. & Global (Countries with A credit rating or better). Representing a client in a Commercial Real Estate transaction and be able to provide them with the funding requirements, has learned us through time it benefits the client and the Lender/Investor, as they collectively have more control of the transaction. No transaction is ever too small or too large our analyst reviews each transaction thoroughly and with the same enthusiasm, this is what sets us apart. We pride ourselves in providing individual and professional attention to each client. ​​

  • Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Funding


    Our professional team works hard in getting the results you need.  We will not take on a project unless we can analyze the clients' needs and understand the dynamics of their transaction; whether it’s Real Estate or Commercial Financing.  NAMM Advisors team offers each customer the personal attention and fiduciary loyalty they deserve.  Providing an array of Real Estate & Financial products in the U.S. and International.  We work with various industry leaders and real property owners bringing unique opportunities in the Commercial & Residential Real Estate market such as Sales, Acquisitions, Leasing and Rentals.  Our Investors and Developers are always seeking new opportunities for investment.  If you are selling your real estate, please contact us.

    In Commercial Lending, we can analyze, structure and close your time sensitive loan(s).  We have direct affiliations with Private Investors, Lenders, Hedge Funds and Banks ready and capable of funding your project(s).  NAMM Advisors offers you the choice of Debt, Joint Venture, Equity, Bridge and Hard Money.  

    We entertain projects such as Land Development, Affordable Housing, Hospitality, Resorts, Healthcare, Green Energy, Assisted Living Facilities, LNG, Solar Farms, Government Projects in the u.S. and International.  We provide a complimentary, no obligation assessment of the transaction to determine the type of financing best suited for your project.  Always Pursuing your best interest...

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