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    at Flathmann and Stern, LLC.

    January 2003 - at Present

    South Carolina

    Flathmann & Stern, LLC. is a nationwide and international forensic business debt collection firm headquartered in Stowe, Vermont with branch offices in South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas and Florida. We are a progressively run organization with over 30 years of experience. Our mission is to meet and exceed your expectations in every business category.We offer you award winning corporate debt recovery services. In addition to servicing debt from the commercial and retail world, we offer specialty corporate debt solutions in the transportation, aviation and freight industry. We not only recover your receivables, we work to train debtors to avoid late pay in the future and to restore your professional relationships. Each debtor is forensically profiled to determine our best approach toward a quick resolution for you. With THOUSANDS of happy clients, we work hard to maintain our AAA reputation. Ask for me by name and receive my new client promo rate. 1- 888- 573- 6690. Office Direct

  • Stockbroker/Options Trader/Portfolio Manager/Financial Consultant

    at Merill Lynch/Charles Schwab

    June 1997 - December 2006


    Merrill Lynch-Portfolio Manager/Financial Consultant Charles Schwab-Options Team Lead Trader, Affluent Investor Team Lead, Affluent Investor Business Development Team Lead, Broker Sales Mentor/Trainer


  • Bachelor's of Science-Finance/Economics

    at University of Wisconsin

    1991 - 1997 (6 years) Wisconsin


    at University of Wisconsin

    1991 - 1997 (6 years) Wisconsin

Services offered

  • Forensic Corporate Debt Collection/B2B

    WHAT WE DO: We collect corporate debt. Our niche is Transportation, however we excel in all B2B Debt.

    HOW WE DO IT: We do our due diligence on your debtor. We look at credit history, past bad debt, extraordinary circumstances,previous litigation, length of time in business, business successes/failures, pay trends and so on. We check their resources, assets, and business health. We create an entire forensic profile of each debtor which provides us the necessary information to tailor our collections approach. We do this with every file we receive.

    WHY IT WORKS: Every debtor has a different set of circumstances, different credit profile, different history, different goals with your organization and for their own. Each debtor's unique circumstances tells a story about their debt. We get into the "why" of it. When we identify why, we can then understand the cause and move to resolve not just the debt, but your response to each unique debtor which will keep your receivables coming in on time.

    WHAT OTHERS SAY: "Flathmann & Stern, LLC services are superior and are truly needed in business. I was always skeptical about using a collection agency to collect on my customers that were behind in paying me until one day enough was enough."-- Tom F. (Transportation)

    "Today, I have a different philosophy about collections, if my customers don't pay my invoices within 30 to 45 days, those invoices go right to Flathmann & Stern for collections."--Jan P. (IT Services)

    "I highly recommend Flathmann & Stern for Business Debt Collection. They specialize in transportation debt collections and they literally saved our old accounts receivable. They are an excellent organization!"--Mike K. (Industrial Supply)

    WHO WE WORK WITH: We work with businesses, large and small, corporations domestically and internationally to resolve B2B aged debt.

    Call me @1-888-573-6690 for my beBee Special Rate


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