• Operation Engineer HCN/Utilities

    at INVISTA, Orange-TX

    June 2015 - at Present


    1. Support day to day issues, continual operation, troubleshooting, provide technical guidance to the operation . Build long term capabilities in the team. 2. Stay compliant per regulation and Env. rules. Follow EH&H and PSM guidelines. Practice good engineering work ethics at work 3. Execute and prioritize projects per team alignment. Work on the most value adding project. 4. Cross-training between team members from different units 5.Support TA Projects: • Upgrading cooling tower $2.3 MM project - $1-2 MM/year production increase. • Upgrading demethanizer control- 150-250 k/year saving • Controlling cooling tower chemistry – 250 k/year saving • Implementing Boiler O2 trim control project - $ 150 K/year saving • Helped with new catalyst certification –Cost saving $100,000 /year. • Added new chemical to boilers – Minimize condensate leakage. Cost saving of $150K – $500K yearly • Completed NGP & Boilers PHA – Meet Process Safety Management standards.

  • Chemical Engineering Co-op

    at INVISTA, Orange-TX

    January 2013 - at Present


    • Built ASPEN GUI graphic interface – Live process monitoring & Graphics, better UHR. • Upgrade H2 detector system – Improved safety, cost saving $83,000. • Certified new vendor catalyst – Multiple suppliers, cost saving $277K/year • Removed orifice and added pump recirculation line – New ozone project implementation. • Investigated close sump H20 flashing – Prevent boiler upset issues & environmental incidents. • Added DCS environmental monitoring for tanks – Comply with environmental fill rate permit, emission calculation. • Created PFD for cooling water system – Waste water management and sampling. • Created valve control logic for diverted operation – Supplier change, continual operation.

  • Research Assistant

    at Lamar University, Beaumont-TX

    May 2012 - at Present


    • Use electrochemical cell made of carbon nanocompsite to find a solution for the future energy challenge. • Produced nanofibers loaded with metal particles from electrospinning. • Used SEM to check the morphology of the fibers. • Performed various experiments to develop composite from the fibers.

  • Process Engineering Intern

    at Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc

    September 2011 - at Present


    • Implemented P &T compensated controller on distillation column – Prevent solvent lose ($100K/year), optimized column, and improved product quality. • Studied hydraulic restriction getting water to the Coker unit – Proposed to add a boaster pump. • Troubleshot and analyzed heat exchangers – Current condition, defined base line. • Created Coker heat Ex. monitoring tool – Determine fouling rate & schedule cleaning. Prevent production loss by 5-10%. • Studied gasoline blending – Prevented octane giveaway, predicted saving up to $1 million/month • Assisted in correcting unit financial model – Improved budget prediction, corrected $3 MM difference. • Troubleshot distillation column using Pro/II – Defined design constrains and feed requirements. • Updated 400 L.P. model qualities – Improved model performance, better economics. • Created catalyst performance monitoring file – Prediction of the catalyst life & schedule maintenance.


  • Chemical Engineering

    at Lamar University

    2010 - 2015 (5 years) Texas

  • Associate of Natural Science

    at Lamar State College-Orange

    2008 - 2010 (2 years) Texas

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