• Research associate

    at Oklahoma State University

    January 2013 - at Present


    • Designed and set up a drag reduction flow loop for conducting mechanical degradation experiments • Studied and characterized polymer solutions utilized in hydraulic fracturing and drag reduction applications (rheological characterization) • Improved the drag reduction efficiency of polyacrylamide solutions (slickwater) by developing polyacrylamide/polysaccharide binary polymer solutions • Utilized analytical methods for modeling the drag reduction behavior and mechanical degradation of non-Newtonian fluids such as polymer solutions, cross-linked gels, and concentrated emulsions • Developed test procedures for rheological characterization lab • Developed procedures for preparation and characterization of mono-sized emulsions using microfluidic systems • Prepared course material for “reaction engineering”, “reservoir engineering”, and “production engineering” classes

  • Lab manager - R&D engineer

    at Irandelco

    October 2007 - September 2012

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    • Supervised and established a catalyst characterization lab; equipment purchase, installation, test procedure development, personnel training, implementation of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 • Led lab personnel in developing TWC catalyst quality control experiments, characterization, and activity measurement techniques • Reduced TWC catalyst production cost by up to 30% reduction in precious metal loading • Increased catalyst resistance to poisoning and aging by improving TWC formulation • Developed and upgraded formulations for new car engines and environmental standards • Scaled-up production equipment such as mixers, mills, coaters, and furnaces • Moderated several seminars for clients and customers


  • Chemical engineering

    at Oklahoma State University

    2014 - 2017 (3 years) Oklahoma

  • Chemicalengineering

    at Iran university of Sci. & Tech.

    2006 - 2009 (3 years) Ostān-e Tehrān


  • English Native