Sridhar is a veteran Silicon Valley executive with more than 20 years of successful track record in capitalizing on large market opportunities and building game changing companies. He has strong technology innovation and leadership experience.


  • CEO

    at mFino

    January 2009 - at Present


    With deep customisation and extreme agility at its core, the mFino platform brings financial innovation within the reach of any institution, anywhere.

Services offered

  • mFino

    This mFino solution allows you to track, manage and analyze all group payments. The solution enables making or receiving payments from anyone within a group (recognized by phone no or email) within seconds in just one click, any time, to any specified bank account. You can even see all your past transactions and keep a track of your spending patterns. Within groups, you can set budgets, create secured pockets meant for specific purpose, make goal based planning and even split bills.


  • English Native