I communicate to create "Life Change" for others which produce wealth in my bank account.


  • CEO

    at SiYantra Online Marketing Solu

    September 2013 - at Present


    I communicate to create "Life Change" for others which produce wealth in my bank account. 7 Key Reasons Why Financial Education Is Your Best Investment? Here are seven reasons: • Provides dividends for life that nobody can ever take from you. • Increases your earning potential. • Increases your return on investment. • Improves the quality of your life and finances. • Secures your retirement. • Defends your portfolio from unnecessary losses. • Provides peace of mind around money. To Learn HOW TO PROFIT from Digital Currency DownLoad the Free e-Book my Website http://go.digicoinpro.com/mrahaman

  • Project Engineer

    at Mangan Software Solutions

    June 2013 - at Present


    • Steady State and Dynamic modeling of Gas Processing, Chemical and Petrochemical processes using Honeywell UniSim Design. • Converted HYSYS process model to UniSim Design process model. • Developed PFD from P&IDs and estimated detail task and cost for LNG simulation project. • Analyzed and interpreted HAZOP/PHA data, LOPA data Analysis, Managed Process Safety Life Cycle Management Data. • Identified overall safety gap, IPL requirement and generated report. • Completed SIF SRS, Cause and Effect Analysis and SIL Calc • Completed FSA with proprietary software ProSys SLM

  • Process Engineer

    at Invista

    April 2012 - April 2013


    • Re-validated the size and capacity of existing relief valves, rupture disk, pressure vents, conservation vents and flame arrestors. • Analyzed individual processes in detail to calculate and determine the validity of relief devices on the basis of INVISTA Process Engineering Guidelines, API and ASME standards. • Developed PFD from P&ID, identified all over pressure scenarios, and determined physical properties of process fluid at relieving condition. • Performed hydraulic calculation with AFT Fathom/Arrow, ProFlowIII, Winsize and HTRI Xchanger suite to determine Inlet/Exit pressure drop and valve capacity. • Suggested correction to address deficiencies of the existing relief devices. Also recommended marked up corrections for existing P&ID’s as part of process analysis. • Reviewed PRV design and calculation done by other engineers and provided recommendation if required.


  • Chemical Engineering

    at Oklahoma State University

    2009 - 2011 (2 years) Oklahoma

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  • Financial Education-The Best Investment You Can DO

    You know in today’s world whatever we do it requires some shorts of monetary transaction and yet our knowledge of monetary system is very limited. Most people know how to earn money but very few people understand how money actually works. As a result only 3% of the population earns 96% of all the money. Rest of the 97% keeps working for money like they are slave to it.
    Money is a bad master but a very good servant. Therefore, to be a master of money you have to know how money actually works. There is no doubt that financial education is the best investment you can make. Therefore, I am more interested to learn how money and our monetary system work.
    If You Think Financial Education Is Expensive, Just Try Ignorance

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