I make things irresistible and create the desire to want them... a lot.

The award-winning work I do is work that gets results. Work that communicates in ways that make sense so that prospects are persuaded to learn more, take action, and buy.

And clients seem to like that. A lot.


  • Head of Marketing and Creative Strategy

    at Wordsworth & Company LLC

    January 1994 - at Present


    We're in the business of doing one thing -- Making Products and Services Irresistible™. How do we do it? Very strategically, very deliberately, and very well. We define what makes you unique, what differentiates you from the rest of the field. We present those distinguishing qualities in ways that mean something to your mar- ket and that make you stand out from "the other guys." And we develop affordable tactics that get you in the door, in front of more people more often, and into contention for a sale. It's the marketing equivalent of smart bombs -- precision targeting that gets you exactly where you need to be.


  • Bachelor of Arts

    at New York University

    1965 - 1969 (4 years) New York

Services offered

  • Marketing Strategy

    The better directions you have, the faster you'll get where you need to go. So I combine prospect and competitive research, business objectives, and buyers' expectations to determine the right means of transportation and plot the best route.

  • Copywriting

    My work works.

    It makes things irresistible and creates the desire to want them... a lot... and it does it on the air, on the web, in print, and at events, putting millions of dollars in the pipeline.

    The campaigns I’ve created boosted responses 400%, generated 80% levels of awareness in a month, pulled in product trial rates of 32%, increased website activity by triple-digit percentages, and were talked about for more than a decade.

    What’s the secret? There is none. I simply communicate in ways that make sense to each reader or viewer or listener. In terms they find appealing. In language they understand. It’s how – online and off – I’ve distinguished, positioned, and clarified brands to a broad range of markets. It’s how I’ve created the desire to learn more, take action, and buy.

  • Video

    From idea to script to complete presentation, your ideas are made Einsteinian -- as simple as possible but not simpler. There's a reason for that: it ensures that your viewers understand what makes your products and services so valuable... to them.

    Image, words, and motion all combine to make it clear how you can solve their pressing problems. How the benefits you offer are worth having. How the features you provide are uniquely attuned to your customers' needs.

    Your video productions will inform, motivate and, as importantly, keep your viewers entertained... so they remember what they saw, what they heard, and why it matters.

  • Voiceover

    I speak English in nine different languages to give voice to the characters in award-winning audiobooks.


  • English Native

  • Italian Elementary

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