Thank you for viewing Pro Human's Profile. Pro Human is a new clothing line unlike any other. It was started on a vision and is operated on inspiration. It is the brand that shows that you are quite the humanitarian! You know that we all are the same and should be treated that way.

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    Pro Human Mission Statement:
    Having An
    Understanding that one cannot be
    Measured by their physical
    Attributes but rather their
    Noble spirit. - Owner

    Based in Waterford, CT Pro Human is a new clothing line, unlike any other. That is what makes this brand awesome! Geared towards humanitarian efforts and the betterment of all lives. When you wear Pro Human you are stating that you are for all humans, regardless of age, gender, race, or religious beliefs. You are quite the humanitarian! We can all be Pro Human, by simply supporting our fellow humans. Pro Human is designed to raise awareness that our world can be all things good, if we take the proper steps to pay it forward with good intent. Pro Human is NOT a non-profit organization.
    Our clothing is stylish and fit for comfort. We want our humans to wear Pro Human gear with pride and a sense of purpose.

    People Restoring Others: (PRO funding) Each time you purchase a product from Pro Human $3.00 will go towards helping families in need. You will know which families were assisted with food, bills, medical, daily transportation, etc on our Facebook Page

    ​We support Humans because we are PRO HUMANS! We know that we are all the same under our skin. Passion for human kind drives this brand.

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    Phone: 860-460-8518
    Address: 150 Spithead Road, Waterford, CT 06385
    Twitter: prohumanyeswer

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