Inspired to help entrepreneurs, especially introverted entrepreneurs, transform their mindset and business by becoming more visible and influencers in their niche, all while living out their passion.


  • Founder and President

    at Introverted Influencers

    May 2016 - at Present


    Launching soon! Currently building out a personal coaching and educational brand that will focus exclusively on helping introverted entrepreneurs elevate their influence and transform their mindset, and hence business.

  • Founder & President

    at Moguly Media

    January 2015 - at Present


    Most people would agree with this statement: “All other things being equal, people buy from people they know, like and trust”. We position our clients to earn the “know, like and trust” badge without the hard sales techniques, saving them valuable time and money. When you share solutions to your perfect prospect’s problems, you are advocating for their success. Your prospects and clients will then view you as an expert. It’s that simple, but very few entrepreneurs take action and do this. Whether it be podcasting, becoming a best-selling published author, getting you positioned in the media....we lay down those first few authority-building stepping stones, that pave the way for more organic authority exposure.

  • Co-Founder & Visionary

    at Divorce Buddy

    August 2014 - at Present

    California Divorce shouldn't. Our focus is to change divorcing couple's mindsets and help them stay focused on putting kids first, working collaboratively-not against one another, and staying out of court. We are currently in the process of building out a membership platform that will host various online courses created by ethical divorce professionals that educate divorcing couples on the concepts outlined above. These courses will be a more deep dive discussion of a podcast interview we produce that introduces the professional and their topic of discussion. We strongly believe divorce should first be approached from a therapeutic and transformational family focus first, before discussing any individual legal aspects. Are you a divorce or psychology professional passionate about helping divorce couples stay out of court and divorce collaboratively? We would love to partner with you!

  • Founder and President

    at Bee Social

    July 2010 - December 2014


    Inbound Marketing is the key to attracting your target market and creating massive exposure to your business. We determine which inbound marketing strategies work best for your business and industry and create a highly customized marketing plan and strategy for you with a detailed timeline for implementation. We then analyze what is working or not working and refine our strategy accordingly. Behind every brand is a story and within every industry are pain points that your target market struggles with. We help you define your story and research your industry to determine what topics they are talking about. We essentially leverage your industry "buzz", and tap into it to increase engagement on your social networks and blog and increase traffic to your website. We also help you craft business solutions for these industry pain points and creatively tie these into your online media messaging.

Services offered

  • Marketing and Influencer Coaching

    One-on-one coaching with entrepreneurs, especially introverted entrepreneurs, who are ready to become more visable and transform their mindset and business via influencer marketing.

    One-on-one coaching with entrepreneurs, especially introverted entrepreneurs, who are ready to automate their marketing via lead generation marketing funnels.

    One-on-one coaching with entrepreneurs, especially introverted entrepreneurs, who are ready to scale their service-based business to a one to many approach via marketing funnels, webinars, masterminds or summits, group coaching and online courses.

  • Authority Academy

    Launching "Authority Academy" soon: consisting of a series of online courses teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage authority marketing to grow their business and scale their business via automated lead generation marketing funnels.

    Various "how-to" & "best practices" courses on: scaling your service-based business, automating your marketing via online marketing funnels, how to secure speaking gigs, how to get media outreach, how to write your non-fiction book (launching soon!), how to get guest blog opportunities and podcast interviews, etc.


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