I earn a living maintaining high voltage power lines, and you can read all about that boring crap over on LinkedIn. A big fan of @Phil Friedman, I've followed him over to BeBee to see what all the buzz is about.

I plan to use BeBee to indulge the latent writer masked beneath my delicate veneer.


  • Lineman

    at NY Power Authority

    June 2004 - at Present

    New York

    We are pretty darned good at keeping electrons in motion.


  • The more I know, the less I know for certain.

    at Curious to a fault.

    1967 - at Present (52 years)

Services offered

  • Dumb looks

    Independent eyeball control, which I suppose is really more a skill than a service. This is also free.

  • Dumb questions

    Skilled crafter of absurd questions, usually in the midst of overly serious debate. I gladly offer this service for free.

  • and a few bar tricks.

    I can insert a quarter into my right nostril, and cough it out my mouth. While this will cost you one draft beer, you can keep the quarter. I will gladly autograph the quarter for the cost of another beer. Signed quarters make great stocking stuffers or anniversary presents.

  • Click these upside down triangles for expanded explanations of my unique services.

    Go ahead. Click them. They don't bite!


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