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  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Cedar Park


Job Description:

- Act as manager when manager is unavailable
- In charge of shifts and delegating tasks
- Restock the register nightly for the correct change
- Take deposits to the bank several times a week and maintain an accurate count of petty cash
- Assist with managing inventory and placing orders
- Assist in writing the schedule and collecting information from employees about schedule issues
- Lead the team, making sure food is made accurately and taken to customers in a timely manner
- Show exemplary knowledge of the job and excellent customer service
- Deal with upset customers/problems with food in a polite way, making sure the customer is happy
- Accept deliveries, making sure that deliveries are complete and correct or that refunds are issued
- Communicate with managers/owners about the status of inventory; whether everything arrived on time and orders came complete and correct; whether any items in the store are running low
- Communicate with managers/owners about employees: strengths and weaknesses, dependability, customer service, etc.
- Manage the break schedule, making sure employees are arriving on time and take appropriate breaks
- Attend Management Meetings
- Communicate with managers/owners about new ideas i.e. better methods to improve efficiency, safety etc., new recipe ideas etc.
- Assist with interviews, evaluations, and training
- Memorize the training material and be able to explain the health benefits of the ingredients and the food to customers in an upbeat and informative manner
- Keep the front lobby and outside area clean
- Have excellent customer service, including being positive and extremely polite and informative to customers, as well as giving accurate wait times
- Assist and ring up guests, answer phone calls and take orders over the phone
- Have a thorough knowledge of the food and recipes. Must be able to follow recipes and to make all food in a timely and sanitary manner.
- Prep food according to proper procedures
- Continuously and thoroughly clean the kitchen and lobby
- Put away deliveries and keep everything organized
- Washing dishes and put away
- Communicate with other staff to ensure that all orders are made correctly and in a timely way
- Carry out food to customers
- Show up on time and take breaks for the appropriate length of time
- Complete all opening and closing duties
- Perform additional tasks requested by your manager Follow sanitation guidelines
- Stock and rotate food
- Adhere to safety procedures
- Practice cost-cutting measures
- Pitch in and work as a team
- Track food quality
- Handle specials circumstances
- Communicate effectively with coworkers and managers


- Become food certified
- Must be able to handle a basic computer, POS system; handling cash and credit cards
- Follow health, sanitary, and safety requirements
- Must be able to stand for long periods of time, occasionally lift heavy boxes, move quickly and have a sense of urgency
- Maintain a clean and work appropriate personal appearance
- Come to work with a positive attitude, and are willing to work well with others
- Leadership abilities and management experience a plus
- Restaurant experience a plus

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