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  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary $104,557.00 gross per year
  • Austin


Job Summary
Records, transcribes and maintains records of court proceedings. Furnishes transcripts of court proceedings to requesting parties. Provides equipment used in performing duties, including stenographic machine, computers, software and printers, along with necessary reference materials. This Court Reporter positionis for the 460th District Court, Judge Geoffrey Puryear presiding.

This is a job classification within the Court Services job family. This classification is distinguished in that incumbents must be certified by the State of Texas Court Reporters. This classification is a highly specialized classification and not part of a series. This classification is responsible for preparing transcripts of court proceedings. This classification may require a flexible work schedule in order to meet the needs of the department.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Attends sessions of court and records all proceedings of evidence, objections, rulings, voir dire of jury duty and arguments. Records all objections to admissibility of evidence, court rulings and remarks of the objections and exceptions to the rulings.
- Makes full record of jury arguments and voir dire examinations when requested by attorney for any party to a case, together with all objections to such arguments, rulings and remarks of court.
- Documents files with courts exhibits and indexes, and files notes taken in courts. Preserves shorthand or machine notes taken in court for period required by law and prepares transcripts for appeals or other future legal proceedings.
- Prepares official transcripts of all evidence or court proceedings, subject to laws of the State, the rules and instructions of presiding judge of the court, for appeals or future court use. Certifies the accuracy of court transcripts. Responds to requests of official transcripts.
- May serve as a liaison to attorneys, judges, other County departments and staff, officials and general public. Provides information relating to court hearings and charges.
- May conduct depositions of witnesses. May receive, execute and return commissions. May make a certificate of proceedings in any County that is included in the judicial district of the court. May prepare jury charges in civil cases.
- May perform administrative support duties as assigned for administrative functions of the court.
- Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements
Education and Experience:
Must pass two (2) proficiency tests consisting of 180 wpm literary, 200 wpm jury charge, and 225 wpm Q & A, depending on nature of dictation used, to become eligible for certification. Certification exam consists of two (2) sections, Part A and Part B. Part A requires a minimum passing grade of at least ninety-five (95%) percent accuracy on the certification exam and Part B requires a minimum passing grade of seventy-five (75%) percent.

Licenses, Registrations, Certifications, or Special Requirements:
Certification by the State of Texas Court Reporters.
Texas Certified Court Reporters are required to complete continuing education pursuant to the rules promulgated by the Texas Supreme Court.

Graduation from an accredited Court Reporting school.
Two (2) years of experience as a Certified Court Reporter.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

- Machine shorthand theory and minimum standards established for certification as a Certified Court Reporter.
- Texas law and court procedures, terminology, record keeping practices and procedures, and Court decorum.
- Federal, State, Local and County laws, rules, regulations and guidelines relating to court reporting services.
- Computer applications and hardware related to performance of the essential functions.
- May be required to develop knowledge of and adhere to federal and state laws requiring the confidential handling of certain health information.

Skill in:
- Coordinating and prioritizing the work and activities of self.
- Both verbal and written communication.

Ability to:
- Apply correct English grammar and spelling, vocabulary, medical and legal terminology.
- Record, transcribe and maintain records of court proceedings.
- Listen attentively for long periods of time.
- Operate a stenotype machine to record and prepare accurate and complete official records.
- Perform in a stressful environment while maintaining a professional manner.
- Continue professional growth through continuing education.
- Establish and maintain effective working relationships with departmental clientele, representatives of outside agencies, other County employees and officials, and the general public.

Work Environment & Other Information
Physical requirements include the ability to lift/carry up to 10-25 pounds, extensive detailed record keepings by machine or shorthand, extensive periods of sitting, typing, writing, and listening to recordings to perform the essential functions. Subject to continual contact with persons accused or convicted of crimes. Subject to stressful court environment and client and customer contact for extended periods of time.

This job description is intended to be generic in nature. It is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities. The essential duties, functions and responsibilities and overtime eligibility may vary based on the specific tasks assigned to the position.

Work Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Monday through Friday

Department: Criminal Courts

Location: 509 W. 11th St., Austin

Criminal Background Check Required.

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