Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary $100,000.00 - $125,000.00 gross per year
  • Columbia


Institution in the Education sector.

- Collect, store, analyze and communicate accurate compensation data pertinent to the organization's labor markets.
Will assist senior management in defining the organization's labor markets and the position that is to be maintained (median among identified competitors). Determine value of surveys in light of department budget and benchmark titles that are included.
Oversee annual completion of surveys and adherence to return schedules to acquire all price discounts that are available.
Ensure accurate job matching when completing surveys and applying the reported data to job titles.

- Counsel all levels of management regarding special or non-scheduled pay actions as requested or as these are initiated by the Compensation Office.
Clarify reasoning for the pay action and assess compliance with established programs and accepted precedence.
Approve or deny requests and clearly communicate reasoning for both; always focusing on management education and development.
Document rationale for all decisions and store for future reference.
Must maintain a proper balance of the office's service and control functions.
- Execute and monitor the organization's merit-pay program.
Oversee the daily operations, processing and maintenance of a variety of notices, forms and reports that are produced by the Compensation Office.
Responsible for establishing lead-times and management adherence to planning and processing cycles to ensure an employee's receiving a scheduled performance appraisal and subsequent pay action on time.
Will authorize or deny the processing of merit increases, summary payouts or retroactive awards requested by management or initiated by the Human Resource department.
Request and coordinate payroll intervention and needed assistance as management delays and accounting schedules delay the processing of merit awards; with the goal of eliminating retroactive pay actions and manual payroll processing.
- Execute the organization's job classification program(s) while promoting a market-based philosophy.
Maintain a reasonable equity structure using a consistent rationale based on approved job families and identified career paths.
Ensure complete adherence to laws that govern compensation; EPA, FLSA, EEO.
Supervise and assist a professional staff being responsible for conducting job audits as requested by management or initiated by the Compensation Office.
Approve pay parameter (pay ranges) assignments and ensure proper documentation of decisions.

- Follow internal procedures in obtaining management approvals of recommendations and a general acceptance of those made.
Communicate and promote the rationale that directs the classification program to both management and staff.
As job audits are conducted, ensure compliance issues are being adhered to by the department; communicate staff or personal findings to the appropriate Human Resource section.
Advise health system administration and line management on the development and administration of salary programs designed to maximize recruitment and retention potential, while maintaining fiduciary responsibilities and internal equity concerns.

- Remain abreast of current pay programs within the healthcare industry and those of direct competitors.
Notify appropriate managers of findings and recommend the use of those programs deemed supportive of the organization's compensation philosophy and have the potential for acceptance / implementation.
- Facilitate resolution of employee relations complaints (including investigating EEOC-related complaints; conduct formal internal investigations and other special projects as assigned; Serve as consultant as a resource for policy interpretation, performance management, training initiatives and recognition programs.

- Prepare and maintain, by department, a series of summary sheets on job titles being utilized, their assigned pay grade, related pay issues (e.g.
shift differentials, overtime eligibility, EEO codes, incentive notation) and explanatory footnotes.
Annually prepare and distribute new summary sheets to appropriate line managers at the beginning of each merit year.
Maintain and distribute timely updates resulting from classification actions.
Initiate modifications to format and information content based on internal user needs.
Summary sheets are to be maintained for the parent organization, subsidiaries and contract businesses where a formal compensation program has been implemented.
- Promote the development of job performance standards for employee development and work assessment.
Provide training to all members of management and direct assistance on developing standards; following approved formats and content.
Promote employee awareness and acceptance of the organization's "Pay for Performance" philosophy.
Conduct employee orientation and information meetings to explain the organization's merit program and the process of earning a pay increase.
Coordinate activities supporting the organization's annual performance evaluation program.
May conduct periodic employee surveys on supervisory effectiveness to identify training needs.

- Requires a bachelor's degree in business or a related area.
Master's degree preferred.
- Five or more years' experience in Human Resources, including 3 years in wage and salary administration within a HealthCare organization is required.

- Prior experience with PeopleSoft or similar HR/Payroll platform desirable.

- PHR and/or CCP (Certified Compensation professional) designation desirable.

  • education
  • human resources
  • payroll
  • recruitment