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Job Description

Rapid growth at Lucas Research (LR) has created a need for more leaders.
We have grown from 25 to 40 Team Members in 2 years.
The ideal Executive Trainee candidate should possess highly refined organizational skills.
Our current executive leadership is very strong on strategy and vision for the enterprise.
Unfortunately, our founder and chief executive is weak in focus and organization skills.
(it is OK, that same person is writing this job description). We need a leader to serve on the corporate leadership team and lead all operational aspects of the business.
For the right person, advancement to the Executive Team is very possible.

Our corporate vision is that Lucas Research (LR) be the best job our Team Members will ever have, so that each Team Member feels wanted, cared for, and loved.
Consequently, excellent self-awareness and people skills are necessities.
Do not let our vision deceive you into thinking LR is a cushy place to work.
We are intentional and hold each other accountable to very high standards.
We feel that to be unclear is to be unkind, and we are very clear when necessary.
This willingness to hold each other accountable is core to our team-oriented culture.
In the defense of the team, you will be required to have difficult conversations on occasions.

We are looking for a person with an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong desire to be a lifelong learner, and a passion to serve people.

Ultimately an Executive mut be able to:

- See the desired future state of the business, Engage the talent and resources necessary to reach that future,
- Develop a strategy and implement the plan,
- Measure the results and hold teams and individuals accountable, &
- Adapt and adjust to refine the plan and reach the desired future state.

It is impossible to list every characteristic or skill necessary to be a successful Executive Trainee and leader. We are, however, sure that with the necessary commitment and desire to serve your teammates, many individuals are capable of success.
The question is, do you have a positive can-do attitude with determination to succeed at the highest level? Much of the road has already been cleared by those who have built Lucas Research to what it is today and your journey will be easier.
You will not have to fight your leadership battles alone; you will have a team behind you.
You will find that changing people's lives can be a very fulfilling prospect.
Are you up to the challenge?

Objectives of this Role

- Build and maintain lasting relationships with all your teammates.
Especially the Leadership Team, Executive Team, and chief executive.
Make no mistake, while we are growing we are very small and behave like a family.
If you are looking for purely a dispassionate professional relationship with your teammates, then we are not your type of people.
- Coordinate internal and external resources and create necessary documentation to expedite workflows.
- Manage communication between leadership and Team Members
- Master current and future research projects and industry trends
- Oversee and achieve organizational goals while upholding best practices

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

- Support and solve problems for Team Members, customers, patients, & research subjects.
- Participate with the Executive Team to grow Lucas Research and achieve our vision.
- Illustrate the value of products and services to create growth opportunities; compile and analyze data to identify trends
- Participate in brainstorming, office activities, staff meetings and customer meetings, researching and assisting with program development for existing customers and new prospects.

Skills and Qualifications

- Bachelor's degree in business or a related discipline, or convince us you have obtained equivalent experience in the real world.
- 4 years' experience in leadership role reporting directly to senior leadership
- Ability to have hard conversations with Team Members when necessary
- Willingness to always learn and grow as a leader by attending seminars, reading leadership books, listening to leadership podcasts.

Preferred Qualifications

- Master's degree
- Experience overseeing budgets and expenses
- Experience developing internal processes and filing systems
- Previous leadership roles: campus, community or sports
- Experience or exposure to customer service, sales, marketing, or business management
- Strong communication and customer service skills

What a typical day will look like:

- Attracting, developing and retaining the very best talent
- Train and motivate team members
- Communicate with all levels of the enterprise
- Attend formal and informal meetings at all levels of the enterprise including with the chief executive.
In a small business there is no typical day.
- Uphold company standards and compliance practices to ensure a quality product
- Support business development efforts
- Coordinate with marketing
- Support the Team to deliver customer service people tell stories about

Here are some reasons to work for Lucas Research:

- You will start as a Team Leader
- Your work will matter to your Teammates and customers
- More responsibility and a variety of experiences
- Opportunity to FAST TRACK up the career ladder
- Learn from the innovators of the industry
- Your success will be recognized
- Excellent compensation and benefits
- Work within an awesome atmosphere with some of the best people possible
- You will be instilled with the value of hard work, ownership, and self-sustainability

For consideration:

If you only submit your resumé you should not expect a reply.
Your resumé is only permission to play.
Also send your LinkedIn profile, and a cover letter explaining why you feel you meet the requirements listed above.
Send documents to .

Lucas Research is an Equal Opportunity Employer, providing EEO to all employees and candidates for employment.

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