Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary $45,264.00 - $60,648.00 gross per year
  • Pasadena



Under immediate supervision, performs journey-level fire alarm work in the installation, diagnosis, troubleshoot, repair and maintenance of fire alarm systems and associated mechanical equipment throughout the District. Reads and interprets plans, specifications, and performs work assignments with minimal supervision.
To be considered for this position, applicants MUST attach the documents listed below to their application at the time of submission.

1)Proof of graduation from High School, GEDequivalent or higher. Applicants must uploada photo of the diploma / degree or transcripts (official or unofficial) certifying graduation date or conferred degree.
2)Valid Class C California Driver License.Applicants must uploada photo of their Driver's License
3)Proof of current automobile insurance. Applicants must upload proof of auto insurance.

Please note: Resumes are not required and are not reviewed in lieu of your application; therefore, the employment application must be complete. "See attached resume" will result in a disqualified application.

*All required documents MUST be submitted electronically at the time of filing the online application. All foreign degrees must include proof of equivalency, issued by an agency approved by US Department of Education, at the time of submitting the application.


This is to establish an eligibility list for one (1) current vacancy and any future vacancies. The current vacancy is 12 months, five days per week and eight hours per day.


Experience:Four (4) years of experience in the installation, diagnosis,
repair and maintenance of fire alarm systemsis required. One (1) additional year of responsible experience in the installation, diagnosis, repair and maintenance of fire alarm systems will substitute all of the required secondary (i.e., high school) school diploma, or its equivalent (GED). Additional experience in security alarm systems is highly desirable.

Education: A secondary (i.e., high school) school diploma, or its equivalent (GED). Completion of basic college courses in electrical theory is desirable.

Special License or Language Skills:

A valid Class 'C' California Driver's License is required.


Employees must be physically and mentally able to perform the essential duties of a position with or without reasonable accommodation and without hazard to themselves or others.

Employees in this classification may stand, walk, sit, may lift and carry up to ninety (90) lbs., climb heights up to thirty (30) feet, carry, push/pull, maintain balance, stoop/bend, bend repeatedly, reach over head, repetitively use fingers, repetitively use wrists or hand in a twisting motion or while applying pressure, use both hands/legs simultaneously, have rapid mental/muscular coordination, speak clearly, hear normal voice conversation, have depth perception, color vision, distinguish shades, see small details, see long distances, operate in very small spaces, use respirator masks, operate a mobile motorized equipment, use a computer and a telephone.

Essential duties and responsibilities of a position in this class include but are not limited to:

·Identifies, programs, diagnoses, repairs, installs and maintains the District fire alarm systems
·Diagnoses system malfunctions and makes adjustments, repairs or replaces the equipment
·Provides service and support for all aspects of a system inspection and maintenance
·Makes emergency repairs on systems and equipment as required
·Plans installations by surveying and evaluating location, identifying alarm installation requirements and laying-out equipment and wiring plan
·Performs maintenance work on centralized fire alarm panels and recording stations, checks circuits from individual signal devices to the panel and the operation of the panel itself
·Assists in the planning, designing and specifications for new or supplemental fire alarm systems
·Maintains records and makes reports
·Estimates, recommends and maintains labor, materials, and tools required for jobs
·Inspects tools and materials and makes emer­gency repairs
·Uses and operates a variety of tools, equipment and materials of the trade
·Ensures that safe working practices and procedures are recognized, addressed and followed
·Moves obstructive objects to complete tasks
·Supports the electrical department to complete work orders and special projects
·May attend seminars and workshops to maintain the technical expertise of the District as technology advances
·Performs other related duties as required

Knowledge of:
·The theory and operation of fire alarm devices, fire alarm panels and recording stations
·Electricity and electronics associated with intrusion, fire and security alarm systems
·Electrical and mechanical control systems for fire and security alarm equipment
·National Electrical Code as it relates to fire and security alarm systems and equipment
·Methods, materials, tools, techniques, procedures and equipment used in the repair, diagnose, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems
·Applicable legal and code requirements as they relate to the trade
·Applicable shop mathe­matics
·Safe working practices and procedures
·Source of informa­tion to answer complex repair questions

Ability to:
·Perform at the journey level in the repair, diagnose, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems
·Safely operate and maintain a motor vehicle and the variety of tools and equipment used in the repair, diagnose, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems
·Read, understand and follow oral and written instructions
·Adhere all safety practices of the trade and workplace
·Act ethically beyond reproach
·Stay clear and focused on what is expected or needs to be accomplished
·Prioritize tasks with respect to importance and deadlines
·Help team members who need or ask for support or assistance
·Perform the manual/physical activities of the job
·Communicate ef­fectively orally
·Exercise good judgment
·Read and work from applicable blueprints, sketches, plans and specifications
·Work with a variety of inside and outside resources to effect solutions and install systems properly and cost-effectively while maintaining effective relationships
·Work independently, but utilize technical help/support where needed
·Establish, promote and maintain effective working and interpersonal relationships with co-workers and others
·Generate alternative solutions and courses of action with benefits, costs, and risks associated with each
·Determine the logically necessary sequence of activities and the efficient level of resources needed to achieve a goal
·Show a high level of care and thoroughness in handling the details of the job
·Correctly perform the mathematical operations of the trade
·Maintain composure in the face of high workload, competing or conflicting demands, ambiguous assignments, interruptions and distractions
·Maintain sensitivity to ethnic, religious, cultural and sexual differences


Employees who receive a regular appointment to the class must serve a probationary period of one hundred and thirty (130) days of paid service. During this period, an employee must demonstrate an overall satisfactory level of performance; failure to do so shall result in the employee's termination without right of appeal.

Pay is based on actual hours worked.

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