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  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • West Conshohocken


General Manager - McDonald's® company-owned and independent Owner-Operator restaurants are staffed by great people, and right now we're looking for more of them. People interested in satisfying careers with competitive benefits. People interested in growing and advancing. People with lots to offer. People like you. If you're interested, let's get together.We offer a tailored package, based on individual qualifications and experience. The package includes very competitive salary, vacation, healthcare and bonus elements. If necessary, we can give priority to one or more elements in the package, based on your individual needs. We believe in balance between work and private life and the General Manager should lead by example. It is not about how many hours one works, but how effective you are during these hours. So come and talk to us!!! The invested interview time could be one of the best investments that you made in many years.

The General Manager is responsible for running a profitable restaurant and for making sure the restaurant meets McDonald's critical customer standards of Quality, Service, and Cleanliness. These standards are high, so this is a big job! The General Manager works with his/her leader to set the restaurant's goals and creates a plan to achieve the goals. To meet restaurant goals, the General Manager doesn't work alone. He or she leads a team of Department Managers that has specific responsibilities in the restaurant. This means helping the Department Managers to set their own goals, following up on their progress, and providing coaching and direction to improve their Departments. By improving the Departments, the restaurant improves! The General Manager may also be responsible for hiring and developing Department and Shift Managers to make sure that the restaurant has the right team to lead into the future.

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