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  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Annapolis


Why work at Pointer Brand Protection/Corsearch?

Our team analyzes millions of listings per day, ingesting data at a tera-scale rate. If that is not challenging enough, our overarching goal is to spot detrimental online activity for our customers and coordinate investigation activities in near real-time with advanced data-streaming and data-classification techniques. We run machine learning, image recognition, risk analysis and fraud detection algorithms in parallel to help clean the internet.

What do we ask of you?

There are a few skills you should master, but don’t be afraid; we strongly believe it is your character that determines whether you are a good fit for our team or not. Besides your experience and expertise, we would like you to bring excitement, speed, creativity and a moonshot attitude to the team. We thrive in a fast-paced, FUN startup environment, taking on many challenges at once. That is what we would like to see with you as well: a passion, a fire within.

Technical Requirements:

- Solid experience in Go and multithreading programming;

- Proven experience in designing and implementing large data crawling architectures;

- Strong knowledge of crawling concepts such as page levels, web performance metrics, W3C standards and scraping tools;

- Familiar with common anti-scraping strategies (dynamic data loading, Reverse JS, IP proxy, cookie pool, authentication code, etc.);

- Proficient with Linux/Unix.

Non-technical requirements:

- 5+ years of experience leading and managing technical teams and software projects;

- You are a pragmatic programmer who understands what is needed to get things done;

- Fluent communication skills in English;

- Focus on details and quality;

- Proactive and goal-oriented;

- Strong problem-solving skills;

- Customer focus: You have the ability to understand what the customer challenge is, and drive backwards to reliable and effective technical solutions;

- Raise the bar: Your solutions and technical advice are founded on your solid technical experience. You have managed one or more teams into continued success and your leadership prevails even in ambiguous scenarios;

- Lead and build: We grow. You grow. Your team grows. You take responsibility for the growth and development of your team and help everyone around you improve every day.

Useful to have:

- Familiar with Amazon Web Services and its core products;

- Familiar with data streaming platforms such as Kafka or Kinesis.

What’s in it for you?

- 25 vacation days to recharge your batteries;

- Full time remote working;

- A laptop provided.

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