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BoiseState University, powered by creativity and innovation, stands uniquelypositioned in the Northwest as a metropolitan research university ofdistinction. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for the position ofLaboratory Safety Specialist. The Laboratory Safety Specialist reports tothe Director of EHSS and works directly with Boise State University’s Collegeof Arts and Sciences in lab safety support. This will be an “embedded” positionwithin the college and may receive daily input and direction from the collegedean or designee. Activities will include lab safety assessments, biosafety,chemical inventory, chemical and compressed gas ordering, assist with hazardouswaste management, SOP development and review, decontamination anddecommissioning of lab space, assignment and assessment of research lab space,provide daily laboratory support to student researchers, student clubs andstudent projects, and maintenance of the online safety training system, onlinesafety documentation, emergency response guides and building emergencyinformation postings.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

- Technical Assistance Investigates laboratory incidents, assistswith Industrial Hygiene assessments, and coordinates and supports wastedisposal activities. Assists with the use of Chematix, the chemical inventoryprogram, including annual reconciliation of inventories and SDS management. Workdirectly in laboratories on a daily basis, interfacing with students as theyperform chemical operations or other activities that have identified risks.Provide feedback for modifications or alternate processing conditions tominimize risks. Maintain a real-time awareness of activities and proceduresoccurring in laboratories. Provide safety analysis and support to student clubsand student projects, such as senior design projects and service learningprojects. This includes both curriculum based activities and ASBSU sponsoredclub activities. Create, update and maintain safety documentation including webbased safety information site, emergency response manual, and buildingemergency information postings.
- Maintain chemical and compressed gas approval/ordering system.Direct emergency responder for lab incidents and supports incident follow up.Participates in emergency management planning and shares emergency on-callresponsibilities with other staff members. Work with labs, instructors, andteam mentors to research best practices and develop Standard OperatingProcedures (SOP). Escalate to the Director of EHSS for approval if necessary.Works with researchers and faculty members on how to ship hazardous materialsfrom campus. Coordinates decontamination and decommissioning of labs andequipment being taken out of service or laboratory moves. Also assists with theproper assignment of laboratory space based on research and safety needs.
- Training Manage online training needs for labs by inputting newusers, deleting individuals who are no longer part of the lab, adding ordeleting courses when necessary and running training compliance reports. UploadSOP’s to training system for labs when necessary for tracking purposes. Providetraining in a group or classroom setting to present safety materials.Contribute as member of college safety committees.
- Compliance conducts annual laboratory inspections to promotehealth, safety, and regulatory compliance. Completes fume hood certificationsand eyewash/safety shower checks for all labs within COAS. Uses Dakota Softwareto input laboratory safety inspections which allows EHSS to evaluate theprogram and alert colleges of safety performance.

Minimum Qualifications
- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent AND two years of professional experience.
- Must possess a current driver’s license, be willing to participate in a medical surveillance program if necessary, and be willing to respond to campus emergency situations at all hours of the day or night.

Preferred Qualifications
- Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Environmental Health and Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene, or related field or equivalent professional experience 2 - 4 years' experience in a similar position
- Master's degree in Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Industrial Hygiene or related field
- 2 years' experience in a chemical or materials processing intensive laboratory setting
- Experience in a semiconductor fabrication setting.
- Experience working with technical monitoring equipment, applying principles and accepted practices of laboratory safety including physical safety such as mechanical and electrical, environmental health & safety, accident prevention, and environmental compliance in a university or similar setting.
- Knowledge of chemical, biological and radiological handling, storage and safety procedures. Proper use and application of industrial hygiene equipment for the effective control of health hazards and the appropriate use of personal protective equipment managing personal safety.
- Ability to conduct industrial hygiene survey’s and prepare clear and concise technical reports.
- The ability to interpret, implement and comply with federal, state and local regulations and interact with agencies.
- Familiarity with computers, computer databases, and on-line training systems required. Must have a broad understanding and experience with chemical handling, chemical compatibility, and associated chemical hazards. Experience working with technical monitoring equipment, applying principles and accepted practices of laboratory safety including physical safety such as mechanical and electrical.

Application Details:
Please include a coverletter and resume with your application. Application date has been extended;applications must be received by January 5, 2020 at 11:59 PM MST.

Job Category: Campus Planning & Facilities (Professional)
Department: EHSS and Risk Management
Schedule: Full-time
Closing Date: Jan 5, 2020, 11:59:00 PM

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