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Patient Care Technician II

8W - Neuro ICU/IR

.7 flexible full time, day/night rotation

Union position: AFSCME

Posted: 12/06/2019

UPMC Altoona, a Level II Trauma Center, is currently hiring a flex full-time Medical Assistant, LPN, Paramedic, or EMT to serve as a Patient Care Technician II to support our Neurovascular Intensive Care Unit!

Neurovascular ICU is a 6-bed intensive care unit serving the adult population requiring neurological intervention and neurological diagnosis. The patient care technician works collaboratively with the nurses to provide high-quality care to our patients.

This position is a flex full-time role, meaning employees are required to work at least 28 hours a week, but can flex up to a full-time status if staffing needs require it. Full time benefits are provided! Employees will work rotating shifts, which can include nights, weekends and holidays.

Patient Care Technician II: Provides routine patient care and supports the department services in accordance with established policies and procedures, and may be directed by the nurse or physician to assure that the highest degree of quality patient care can be maintained at all times. Completes advance patient care duties after successfully completing training and annual competencies. Must routinely perform the UPMC nursing core nursing assistant responsibilities (blood glucose, weights, vital signs, I&O, specimen collections and Foley care). And the employee successfully completed basic arrhythmia class and performs at least six of the following hospital identified tasks: 12 lead EKG, simple dressing, Foley catheter removal, point of care testing, bladder scan, and/or IV catheter removal.


- Supports department based projects and quality initiatives.
- Suggests and supports changes within the department.
- Requests assistance in planning and prioritizing activities as needed.
- Completes department clerical functions as needed.
- Demonstrate understanding of cultural diversity, horizontal violence and impairment in the health professions.
- Establishes professional and respectful interpersonal relationships.
- Strictly adheres to all policies and procedures relative to patient care and hospital related information.
- Provides patient care including assisting with patient procedures and activities of daily living.
- Performs the UPMC nursing core nursing assistant responsibilities (blood glucose, weights, vital signs, I&O, specimen collections and Foley care) AND the employee has successfully completed Basic arrhythmia class AND can perform at least four of the following hospital identified tasks: phlebotomy, 12 lead EKG, simple dressing, Foley catheter removal, point of care testing, bladder scan, straight catheter, IV catheter removal, femoral hemostasis, or IV insertion.
- Identifies and communicates learning needs to the unit director.
- Complies with safety policies and procedures including standard precautions. Documents in the medical record according to established procedures.
- Demonstrates the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with all members of the health care team.
- Establishes appropriate and effective communication with other departments.
- Provides instruction to patients and their families under the direction of the RN. May apply, monitor and remove patient restraints as per physician or hospital protocol.
- Participates in project and committee work.
- Assures equipment malfunctions are reported to the appropriate department.
- Develops and maintains productive working relationships internally and externally by demonstrating accountability for actions, enthusiasm, motivation and commitment to patients and colleagues.
- Performs assigned work in a timely and productive manner.
- Takes action to improve knowledge, skills and performance.
- Contributes to the universal unit activities including, but not limited to, responding to call lights and telephones, passing meal trays and transporting patients.
- Demonstrates awareness of behavior on the efficient functioning of the department.
- Constructively receives feedback and direction.
- Cares for patients and self by supporting safety in the workplace.
- May perform IV insertion, removal and dressing change.
- Assists with physical, respiratory and cardiopulmonary therapies. Provides feedback to the RN regarding patient care and reports changes in patient status.
- May insert foley catheters and perform straight catheterization as instructed by RN.
- Assumes responsibility for assignment and views problems as challenges.
- Participates in self-review as requested by the unit director.
- Transports cardiac monitored patients within the hospital setting. Qualifications

- High School Diploma or equivalent.
- Successful completion of UPMC Altoona Patient Care Technician II class with a minimum of one year experience required or successful completion of first year of clinical work in a nursing program.
- Graduate of a secondary program in Medical Assistant curriculum; certification preferred; not required or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Emergency medical Technician (EMT) or Paramedic or currently enrolled in an EMT or Paramedic program preferred.
- Successful completion of basic information system training. Microcomputer experience preferred.
- Ability to effectively communication both orally and in writing.
- Nursing Student that has completed one clinical rotation preferred.
- Successful completion of a basic arrhythmia course and annual competency required.
- May in the course of their duties be in rooms where medications are stored or may transport medications when they transport patients.
- Transportation of medication is limited from one department to another.

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:
CPR required based on AHA standards that include both a didactic and skills demonstration component within 30 days of hire ACLS preferred

- Basic Life Support (BLS) OR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
- Act 34

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