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United States of America
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Job Description SummaryManages the implementation of systems that will ensure the safeguard of IT assets incl. hardware, software and data; develops and implements auditing procedures in an IT environment. Individual contributor that is fully proficient in applying established standards; knowledge base acquired from several years of experience in particular area; works independently; may instruct other professionals.Function Specific Activities:

- Prepare planning memo in order to provide final documentation on audit cycle risk assessment, scope allocation, logistics, and resource allocation.
- Conduct in-person interviews with client (i.e., company, customer, or vendor) personnel at all levels of the organization in order to construct process maps/narratives of the individual business processes.
- Gather reports, designs, records, bill, or invoices in order to test key control attributes.
- Inspect overall internal control processes to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of processes, procedures, and internal control systems.
- Document audit results (e.g., written narratives, spreadsheets to test results, completed work programs) in order to justify and support results, and provide guidance for future audits of that area.
- Write draft audit comment that summarizes audit findings and recommendations and discuss the validity of the comment with the responsible client employee.
- Participate in client (i.e., company management, customer management, vendor management) status meetings to discuss preliminary audit findings and recommendations.
- Update audit comments based on feedback from status meetings, the client responsible, audit team members, and audit manager.
- Prepare written audit report provided to client and senior management that incorporates the individual audit comments and summarizes the scope, significant issues, and overall audit ranking.
- Participate in client Final Results/Closing Meetings to discuss the audit report.

General Activities:

- Gather and summarize data and information regarding compliance with policies, procedures, and standards.
- Identify activities not in accordance with Company policies and procedures and inform appropriate parties.
- Establish objectives for each member of a project team in order to clarify expectations and the relationship of his or her work to that of others on the team.
- Give direction to and review others by offering approaches to be used and following up to ensure timely and quality execution against expectations.
- Coordinate work efforts of others to ensure integration and completion of work against expectations.
- Provide feedback to others in order to enhance their job performance. 
- Develop plans for a work or task assignment to ensure effective completion against overall project or business plan.
- Manage a project team against a work plan.
- Determine priorities for one's area of accountability to create clarity about focus and enable work to be completed efficiently.
- Ensure priorities are handled effectively by modifying plans and actions in your own area of accountability.

Function Specific Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

- Control Environment. Ability to assess current controls to ensure that assets are safeguarded and that transactions are authorized, recorded, and reported. This may include designing and implementing cost-effective systems and procedures properly.
- Data Collection. Knowledge of data collection methods. This includes obtaining information through reading, interviews, observations, and surveys.
- Auditing Standards. Knowledge of relevant professional auditing standards including auditing standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO), Information Systems Audit Control Association (ISACA), and International Organization of Standards (ISO).
- Audit Interviewing. Ability to question individuals in order to gather and understand facts about processes, events, or transactions.
- Professional Skepticism. Ability and inclination to tactfully yet forcefully pursue understanding and verification to the point of reasonable assurance.
- Objectivity. Ability to remain independent and objective when performing audits. This includes adhering to the facts and standards (e.g., GAAP, Standards, Practices, and Procedures) and not being unduly influenced by operating management.
- ACL and SAP Extraction Software. Knowledge of how to use ACL and SAP computer software packages in order to extract necessary data to perform data analyses.


- Bachelor's Degree

Related Work Experience:

- At least 1-3 years of related work experience

Technical Knowledge:

- SAP preferred along with prior IT operational background

Growth Behaviors:


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