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Description of Duties/Essential Functions
Under general direction of the Policy and Grants Manager, develops, recommends, organizes, and implements programs for special populations, develops strategies to enhance and expand workforce programs and services statewide to special populations such as persons with disabilities, veterans, ex-offenders, youth and other special populations in need of these services. Serves as the coordinator on policy and program issues that impact special populations including the provision of Rapid Response and Trade services; conducts research, grant development and maintenance for both state and federal grants; provides technical and specialized assistance on policy, planning and program issues; and develops policy and procedures for revisions in federally established regulations for WIOA and Rapid Response and other grant programs to improve workforce services and programs to special populations.

Develops, recommends, organizes and implements programs for special populations. Serves as the grants manager, on disability related projects and other special population workforce programs including providing the oversight and management of these programs. Manages the statewide collection of data on with disabilities served through Office of Employment and Training (OET) other initiatives that serve special populations through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program and other state and federal grants. Compiles data and writes status reports documenting the progress of programs and other projects for persons with disabilities and/or other special populations; serves as liaison to Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and other partners on issues related to services for persons with disabilities and other special populations; gathers and submits requested data for the WIOA annual report and other reports; and drafts responses to U.S. DOL and other agencies concerning the status of the OET's programs and projects for persons with disabilities and other special populations.

Develops and recommends strategies to enhance and expand services to statewide workforce programs that serve special populations. Communicates verbally and through written correspondence with U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), national workforce organizations, other states, State and local councils and other groups to share best practices around employment programs for special populations. Travels statewide to meet with state and local workforce groups to participate in the development of strategies, policies and implementation methods related to employment programs for persons with disabilities and other special populations.

Serves as working supervisor, assigns and reviews work; provides guidance and training to assigned staff, counsels staff regarding work performance; reassigns staff to meet day-to-day operating needs; establishes annual goals and objectives; approves time off; prepares and signs performance evaluations.

Conducts research, development and maintenance of grants, including drafting scopes of work, preparing budgets,and reviewing grant activity and expenditures. Acts as a liaison with grantees and potential grantees to manage issues as they arise related to the development, execution and review of grants. Assists with program and fiscal monitoring and provide information on any related grantee issues.

Serves as the coordinator on policy and program issues that impact special populations including the provision of Rapid Response and Trade services. Provides technical and specialized assistance on policy and grant issues to Local Workforce Innovation Areas (LWIAs); providesassistance for Illinois workNet and disability works content and expansion; develops technical assistance guides, and travels to provide special assistance through workshops and field visits. Contributes to regional monitoring efforts around WIOA and Rapid Response activities.

Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above. Position #37015-42-40-720-40-01

Minimum Requirements
Requires knowledge, skill and mental development equivalent to completion of four years of college with courses in business, public administration or close related fields of study. Requires four years of professional experience in the design and management of a workforce or human services grant program.

Requires a valid driver's license to meet travel requirements on a statewide basis to conduct and/or attend meetings and make presentations.

Work Hours & Location/Agency Contact
Anticipated Starting Salary: $6,667 -$7,500monthly
Full Salary Range: $3,116 - $9,765 monthly

Work Hours: 8:30AM - 5:00PM Monday – Friday, days off: Saturday and Sunday

Work Location:
Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity
JRTC, 100 W. Randolph Street
Chicago, Illinois 60601

Agency Contact:
Human Resources Office
500 East Monroe Street, 1st Floor
Springfield, Il 62701-1643

Phone #: 217-785-1577
Fax #: 217-524-0189

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Illinois Human Rights Act, State agencies must ensure that the employment process is accessible to persons with disabilities. Specifically, these laws require that the State provide reasonable accommodations upon request by individuals participating in all steps of the employment process. This includes the State of Illinois Rutan interview process.


- Submit an Official Position Vacancy Bid NoticeandNEW version of the CMS-100 Employment Application to the Agency Contact address or fax # listed above. A separate Bid Form AND Application is required for each Posting/Bid ID; otherwise, the bid/application will be rejected. FAILURE TO COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THE NEW CMS-100 VERSION DATED7-2019 WILL RESULT IN THE APPLICATION BEING REJECTED.
- Current State employees seeking a promotion shouldsubmit an Official Position Vacancy Bid Noticeand CMS-100B Promotional Application (version dated 7/2019 or after) to the Agency Contact address listed above. Old versions will not be graded or returned to applicants. Acceptable versions of the CMS-100B application are available on the Forms page of the CMS website: November 1, 2019, CMS Examining will no longer accept CMS-100B applications submitted directly from Applicants).
-Current State employees wishing to transfermust also submit an Employee Transfer Request form. If no Employee Transfer Request form is submitted, the bid/application will be rejected.


How to Apply
NON-STATE EMPLOYEES: Effective Nov 1, 2019 CMS will no longer accept CMS100 applications from applicants. Applicants are to submit the New version of the CMS-100 Employment Application to the agency contact above. Older versions of the application will not be graded or returned. Failure to complete application accurately will result in rejection of application. Central Management Services (CMS) will notify applicants of graded applications.

Applications must be submitted during the posting period as noted in the instructions above and forms can be found at Work.Illinois.Gov

Click Here for Applicant Information and Grading Procedures
This position may require a current grade from Central Management Services (CMS), Division of Examining and Counseling, to be deemed qualified and available for employment consideration. For more information, please refer to the Work4Illinois website at Work.Illinois.Gov and select 'Application Procedures'. Additional information may also be obtained from the Agency Contact listed above or by contacting CMS, Division of Examining and Counseling at or (217) 782-7100, (217) 785-3979 (TDD/TTY), (800) 526-0844 (TTY Only).

Additional Documentation for Public Service Administrator:

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Class Specification
Additional Title and Exam Information

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NOTE: Salary amounts shown are only to be used as a guide; actual salary will be determined at the time of hire based on current salary plans and/or collective bargaining agreements, if applicable.

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