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  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Monroe



Our mission is to close the credit gap for small businesses in the US.
They're the back-bone of the economy and a majority of them cannot get the financing they need to grow their business.
Most of the time they're too small for traditional banks.

We help businesses increase their cash flows and get access to financing through two platforms:

Funding Gates (), where we provide software, analytics, and services so they can manage their accounts receivable more effectively and get paid faster.

AuraRise (), where we allow businesses to get financing and get better payment terms from their suppliers and vendors.

Job Description:

As the foundation of our sales and business development team, you will be responsible for helping to build FundingGates' and AuraRise's lead generation efforts and help us design the optimum process to generate new sales opportunities.

You will continuously iterate on methods to better connect with client prospects and get them to understand the value of our revolutionary suite of solutions.

You will be part of an incredibly talented team that sees open communication, hard work, positivity, honesty, and humility as essential ingredients for success.

Collaborate with great people.

We're passionate about helping small businesses get the financing they deserve.
They are the backbone of the economy.
We couldn't be more proud of the team we've built for ourselves.
It's easy to love your job when you get to work with people like this every day.

Grow with us.

We trust you to do your job from day one and know that your career development is essential to all of our success.

Engage with our founders.

Our leadership team prioritizes accessibility and transparency.
You will work directly with our senior leadership team including the founders to help execute on our mission to close the credit gap for small businesses.


Communication skills.
You need to be able to talk with potential clients about their challenges and assist them in getting help.
This will require compassion and empathy.

Interpersonal skills.
You need to be able to build relationships and nurture those relationships with potential clients and help overcome objections.

Problem-solving skills.
You will help potential clients find solutions that work for their business.
You must be able to listen carefully to clients' needs and offer practical solutions.
If they have questions or concerns, you'll have to help overcome those by asking the right questions back at them and getting to the root cause of the issue/concern and help alleviate those.

Organizational and Time-management skills.
There will be many potential clients to reach out to.
We have a system in place that can track these conversions but you also need to be organized and handle different relationships and tasks at the same time.
You must also manage your time effectively to ensure that the potential clients you're talking to and nurturing are getting the attention they need.

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