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Salary 100% Commission, Does this describe jobs you have, or you’ve had?

- OK pay but politics rule,
- territory never the same,
- commission structure changes,
- products were not good, or
- the company was sold.
- Oh, can’t forget the commute sucks and the office is a boiler room. 

The fact is if you work for someone else, you’re not in control. 

I’m looking for 2 or 3 successful people who are tired of making someone else rich. You’ve heard about Rich Dad-Poor Dad and want to be on the right side of the quadrant but don’t know how to start. We may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Why we exist: Too many families have financial problems, so we teach them: 
• how to use their money wisely
• how to prepare for unexpected financial needs
• how to have a solid retirement

We’re a 5-year-old startup that has worked out all the kinks on our sales approach and know what to do and how to do it. We sell life insurance but in an entirely different way: 
• We do everything over the internet –

- no travel of any kind needed. You can work anywhere there is an internet connection and a cell phone signal. Spend your time at home and not on the road traveling all over to no-show appointments.
- No boring meetings requiring dressing up, driving, and a sharp pencil to jab your leg to keep you awake as the speaker drones on. 
- We have an assembly line system where all life insurance sales are done by experienced pros. And when a sale is made you get most of the commission! But if you want to sell and get all the commission, we’ll train you 
- We have over 500 products from over 200 companies.
- We have a compensation plan where those who work hard can earn a 6-figure income, with very low overhead.
- We’re funded by one of the largest financial institutions in the world with a solid back office.
- Your territory is North America – no more limited territories that change each year.
- Our proven system works. We provide extensive training and you have a mentor to help.
- You can be part time or full time; your choice. Most people start part time.

What we require:

- A high-speed internet connection 
- A desktop or laptop computer; PC or MAC
- A smart phone. IOS or Android current vintage
- Your ability to become life insurance licensed 
- Your right to work in the USA. 
- Your willingness to commit 12 hours per week and attend 2 online training meetings per week
- Your desire to help others
- And knowledge that nothing good happens without dedication 

Curious? Reply with your email address, cell phone, and a resume or reasons you should be considered. If qualified, you’ll receive an email with links to videos that go into detail about the opportunity. 

BTW we’re A rated by the Better Business Bureau.

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