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  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary to negotiate
  • Piscataway


What you’ll be doing...
As the Senior Network Consulting Engineer, you will provide a major Government Agency with Lifecycle engineering support for all managed routers, switches, and security devices as part of the end-to-end managed service and will perform actions across the following categories of activity:
Network Engineering
The Network Engineer provides ongoing technical engineering support for the assigned client as the network moves from the implementation phase into the operational maintenance phase. This service enables the client to rely on the Network Engineers to be the technical experts for the network and work with the client’s operation team on development of designs and architectural standards. The Network Engineer also performs this function in consulting capacity to provide advice and guidance regarding the implementation of solution-wide design changes.
Design and implement complex configurations.
Create implementation artifacts and documentation.
Advise as to the impact of implementations on the end-to-end solution stability.
Verify and test backup & fail-over facilities as required.
Support and Lead Create and validate roll-forward and roll-back implementation Methods of Procedure (MoP).
Design and implement Quality of Service (QoS) where available.
Network Inspection
As a lifecycle function, the Network Engineer will inspect the point in time performance of the solution components and provide insight into the health and operation of the environment. The lifecycle engineers will produce a set of performance statistics on a recurring basis, by which the solution platform and operation can be validated. The items to be reviewed will be agreed as part of our transition into Steady-State operation.
Special Project Consultation
As an ongoing feature of Steady-State operation, the Network Engineer will provide an interface to engage the Verizon Solution In-House to scope and deliver all Special Projects required by the Client. In this capacity the Network Engineer is responsible to work with the Client to engage the correct Verizon Solution Teams, and to scope and document the design requirements. Where additional engagement outside of the Verizon Solution House is required, the Network Engineer will lead those activities and produce the design artifacts that will ultimately drive the Change Management acceptance process. The Network Engineer will work with the Client and be responsible for validating the Statement of Work to produce/deliver the desired outcome.
The Network Engineer will also represent their scheduled change at Customer Change Management approval process. Where adequate process does not exist, Verizon will implement a Change Management process which conforms to the Client’s acceptance.
Special Escalations
The Network Engineer is responsible for being the Subject Matter Expert on the end-to-end solution environment. In this capacity the Network Engineer is responsible for complex incident resolution, where the standard Managed Services operations teams require specialized assistance. The Network Engineer is responsible as an escalation point for recurring or intermittent problems that are unresolvable by lower tiers of operation. Where chronic problems are identified, the Network Engineer will provide expert analysis to inform the Chronic Resolution process.
Network Design
The Network Engineer will create the Engineering Design Document (EDD).The standard EDD will include high level designs, site diagrams for main sites and site type diagrams for remote sites. A written overview of the network will be created to give an understanding of the network design. Management and interface IP addressing assignments will be documented. The Network Engineer will update the EDD consistent with the Change Management process throughout the life cycle of the network as the design changes or sites change.
What we’re looking for...
Your technical skills are top notch, and you are known for digging into the details to find the best solutions. You know how to get to the bottom of your customers’ needs, and how to manage your stakeholders’ expectations. Talking to people comes very naturally to you and you have an ability to communicate complex information in a way that people understand – whether verbal or written.
You’ll need to have:
Bachelor’s degree or four or more years of work experience.
Four or more years of relevant work experience.
Even better if you have:
A degree.

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