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As our Penetration Testing and Red Team Manager (Manager, Penetration Testing and Red Teaming) you will report to the Corporate Information Security (CIS) Director of Security Operations and will be responsible for leading and managing the delivery of penetration testing and red teaming services across the Verizon enterprise and business units. You will be responsible for the establishment, maintenance and execution testing standards, processes, procedures, and operations to support the security testing needs of applications, platforms, technologies, processes and systems to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can be exploited by threat actors.
As the Manager, Penetration Testing and Red Teaming, you will be able to translate the Penetration Testing and Red Teaming delivery strategy into actionable and measurable activities and have sound technical and managerial skills to ensure that the identified activities are effectively executed to meet Verizon business goals. Specifically, the successful candidate will possess an effective aptitude in security of operating systems, networking and protocols, firewalls, databases and middleware applications, forensics, and scripting and programing with the ability to lead technical testing experts and effectively translate highly technical information to CIS internal customers in a way that supports CIS and broader Verizon goals.
You will maintain processes and management services to ensure the ability of Verizon internal consumers to effectively engage the enterprise testing teams to request and receive testing services to support business objectives that support established service level agreements (SLAs) and operating level agreements (OLAs). You will maintain the single front door process to provide a consistent experience for engagement of Verizon internal consumers and consistent, repeatable results consistent with Verizon policy. Also, you will ensure that quality assurance processes are maintained to assess and improve enterprise testing service delivery and to assess delivery of testing services within the broader Verizon enterprise.
You will be responsible for establishing a Penetration Testing and Red Teaming Center of Excellence. To support the effective establishment of the COE, you will 1) develop a clear enterprise vision and approach to engaging and delivering penetration testing and red teaming, 2) establish and foster partnership and trust between the testing teams and business, 3) integrate process optimization and innovative engineering efforts, 4) develop and promote best practices as enterprise standards, 5) establish capabilities to provide technical guidance to support standards adoption and quality control, and 6) drive process maturity within the organization by aligning short-term business unit needs with Verizon log-term enterprise goals.
Lead the enterprise-wide penetration testing and red teaming capabilities by setting the vision and establishing direction to identify material risks and vulnerabilities based on cutting edge tools, tactics and protocols in use by potential threat actors.
Build and maintain relationships with other IT, network, and security leaders to develop a clear understanding of business needs; ensure cost-effective delivery of penetration testing and red teaming services to meet those needs, and is able to respond with agility to changing business priorities.
Direct and oversee the penetration testing and red teaming center of excellence to develop and promote best practices and standards, innovate and optimize testing capabilities, and drive maturity and transparency across the enterprise security testing landscape.
Maintain and oversee the execution of the coordinated enterprise-level Verizon red teaming exercise program that effectively tests system and process security controls and response procedures to help mature Verizon security posture against simulated real-world threats.
Work effectively with business units to facilitate security penetration testing and red team assessments to support new system testing, vulnerability remediation, post-incident remediation validation, and proactive identification of threats and vulnerabilities to support operational risk assessment and management processes and efforts.
Manage the cost-efficient delivery of penetration testing and red teaming services within an organizational structure potentially consisting of direct reports and dotted line

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