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  • Entry level
  • No Education
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Job Duties

Under the direction of the PrincipalInvestigator, the SRA will assist in maintaining asmooth functioning laboratory environment, order equipment and supplies, andassure compliance with University regulations. The SRA will have technical, administrative and general laboratorymanagement responsibilities and will also have the main responsibility of assistingin behavioral, electrophysiological, and optogenetic testing. Perform behavioral tests on mice (including classicalreward conditioning and operant conditioning). Monitor post-operative health status of mice and keepdetailed records of weight, health, and any medications used post-operatively. Perform animal surgeries. Inject medications or other drugs in mice as part ofbehavioral tests, post-operative care, or euthanasia. Perform perfusion of mice followed by brain tissuesectioning on a vibrating microtome, immunocytochemistry and histology.

Job Qualifications :

BS in Neuroscience. Required experience with performing behavioral and surgical experiments in rodents. Required experience Matlab computer programming.

Bargaining Unit: RX

Layoff Referral Deadline :

Posted Date : 10/27/2019

Posting Category : Research

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