Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary $18,000.00 - $30,000.00 unpaid work
  • Mountain View


Minimum qualifications:
BA/BS degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics or related field, or equivalent practical experience.
Experience with one or more general purpose programming languages such as; Java, Javascript or Python.
Experience with data processing software (e.g. Hadoop, Spark, Pig or Hive) along with data processing algorithms (e.g. MapReduce and Flume).
Experience developing internal business applications and business integration.
Preferred qualifications:
Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent practical experience.
Experience in big data, information retrieval, data mining or machine learning.
Data analysis and visualization experience.
About the job
Our group supports the needs of the Hardware leadership team and delivers strategic analytics initiatives across the Google. As a Technical Solutions Consultant, you will help us understand how consumers use our devices. You'll also be responsible for ensuring consumer data is safely stored, anonymized and aggregated.
Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Our Hardware team researches, designs, and develops new technologies and hardware to make our user's interaction with computing faster, more powerful, and seamless. Whether finding new ways to capture and sense the world around us, advancing form factors, or improving interaction methods, our Hardware team is making people's lives better through technology.
Influence data infrastructure best practices and Pixel data roadmaps.
Reinforce best practices in privacy and data architecture across other business units within the Hardware product area.
Maintain, improve and optimize the design of our data storage, access and auditing.
Manage custom API work.

About the company

Google is not a conventional company, and we don't intend to become one. True, we share attributes with the world's most successful organizations - a focus on innovation and smart business practices comes to mind - but even as we continue to grow, we're committed to retaining a small-company feel. At Google, we know that every employee has something important to say, and that every employee is integral to our success.

We provide individually-tailored compensation packages that can be comprised of competitive salary, bonus, and equity components, along with the opportunity to earn further financial bonuses and rewards. Googlers thrive in small, focused teams and high-energy environments, believe in the ability of technology to change the world, and are as passionate

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