• General operations coordinator

    en Seaport Agencies

    Junio 2017 - Mayo 2019

    Distrito Capital

    Receive and process all information from Operators, Owners & Technical and Charterers nominations in the Caribbean such as: Ship To Ship, Crew Change, On-Off Class Survey, Anchorage Ops as well operations at the terminal of Bahamas Hub Buckeye (BHH), Curacao (Isla Refinery, Bullenbay) and Bonaire (Bopec) among others, keep contact and well informed all personnel involved in the operations (Loss Control, Surveyors, Mooring Master, Vetting Inspectors, Charterers, Operators)


  • Modern Languages

    en IUTSO

    2005 - 2009 (3 años) Anzoátegui

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