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We have a team in Venezuela and perform a variety of tasks for US clients. We are looking for someone who has very strong English skills and a reliable internet connection. You will be performing research tasks, internet marketing. We can pay you in USD via PayPal or earn Bolivars (at the current exchange rate). Salaries is 50 USD/ Month.

This is a full time position in marketing and research. Salary will be given biweekly. You will be working remotely. You will need to find the location. Our team has 8 people in Venezuela also working remotely. Your English should be strong as you will be writing in English.

Architects, Engineers and others are welcome to apply. You do not need to know anything about Internet marketing as we will teach you and give you training videos.

You should be tech savvy and familiar with web technologies, excel and google docs. You should be quick and open to learn things. In this position you will also become very well knowledged in Internet Marketing. You will learn a good deal of valuable skills which are not common in Venezuela. You will watch a variety of videos in English and practice under a very experienced internet marketer from the USA.

You will need to have constant access to a high speed connection with skype. if you have severe internet problems and can’t find a cyber or allocate 8 hours per day then please do not apply. You also should have a computer which works with a microphone, webcam and smart phone.

You are asked to submit a 1-minute video of yourself talking about your personality traits. Please do so and send us the link in the questions below. The interview will be done via skype webcam or similar. Working remote it’s important to understand personalities and video is the best way.

Please take the time to make a 1-minute video of yourself to post below. This will help your chances.

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