BeBee is to Engage with Passionate Curiosity

beBee is to Engage with Passionate Curiosity

  • I wrote a comment addressed to Javier beBee that beBee is Engagement with Passionate Curiosity instead of Engagement with Passion. I find the reasoning would be of interest to many readers. Moreover, this buzz should serve as real example of the degree of engagement that beBee allows for as I base this buzz in response to comments and buzzes published on this platform.

    The Story First

    My previous buzz attracted about eighty engaging comments. The comments that provoked me to write this buzz are was the two comments of Sara Jacobovici and Franci Eugenia Hoffman. Franci wrote a comment that inspired Sara to formulate the following equation:


    If we lack knowledge or action there shall be no movement. For this reason, I suggested to Sara to change the equation to:


    In this way if either knowledge or doing is zero the result zeros (not the case in summation). I love this equation because it has many merits such as its provision of a new definition for procrastination or its possible causes. This led me to draw a quadrant for the Doing- Knowing relationship.

    beBee is to Engage with Passionate Curiosity

    The Linkage Story

    It is when we have high degree of knowing and doing that we have the "vitality of action". I introduce the word vitality in the quadrant to link with another buzz that Deb Lange wrote and titled "Creating the Conditions for Business and Personal Vitality PART 1". I reproduce her quadrant as a reference.

    beBee is to Engage with Passionate Curiosity

    We have vitality when we have high degrees of trust and autonomy. The metaphor that crossed my mind to link the two quadrants is the vitality of seeds. Seeds vitality is a crucial in increasing agricultural output. Seeds that lack vitality shall not give good yield. Low vitality leads to less action and less movement.
    So, how to ensure that vitality is of high degree to get action going? We need to have the seeds of curiosity and these seeds vitality is crucial to get moving and acting. I quote here "One of the best ways to better appreciate the power of curiosity is to start exercising it more consciously in your daily experiences. By doing so, you can transform routine tasks, enlivening them with new energy. You will also likely begin to notice more situations that have the potential to engage you, giving your curiosity even more opportunities to flourish". We increase the power of curiosity by doing and exchanging knowledge much more than we do by simply reading. We learn more, get more curious and improve the seeds of curiosity to get moving and germinate new curiosity seeds.

  • We need to keep the vitality of beBee by engaging with passionate curiosity. I hope I succeeded to explain why.

@Deb Lange- in response to a comment by @Deb Helfrich- I wrote a buzz today on why I failed to drink water. I think this post would be interesting to you

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I am so happy you are now drinking water Ali Anani- take care of your body - your body is a seed that still needs cultivating, and fertilising to provide us with a home while on this earth. Take good care of yourself. #56

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#67 @Max Carter- I am wholeheartedly with you "The best way to exercise this is to ask questions". I agree because the more we know, the more questions we should ask.

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#66 I shall do soon @Deb Helfrich. Yes, the problem in life starts when we neglect basic requirement to drop them to the second drawe we pay for it. I shall do

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Max🐝 J. Carter 24/11/2016 · #67

"One of the best ways to better appreciate the power of curiosity is to start exercising it more consciously in your daily experiences.

The best way to exercsie this is to ask questions.

I often find that in social media their is an image factor that gets in the way of the growth process as everyone is attempting to find recognition for the understanding they share. Because of this I find there can be a tendency to ignore the counter and avoid the debate on the concepts because of the self image factor and not wanting to have oneself shown inaccurate.

This is human behavior and it falls upon the individual acknowledge growth only happens outside of your comfort zone.

I find that we are too focused on knowing and doing with no focus on truly understanding what we think we know that inspires us to do.

To say we know something is to say we know it in its totality and there is nothing I know in totality other than myself and we never totally know ourselves because we never have all the experiences to reveal the doing we would do regardless of the knowing.

It is in the doing we find out if the knowledge is true or false and we begin to find wisdom.

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Deb 🐝 Helfrich 24/11/2016 · #66

#56 As you so often do for others, I have to encourage you, @Ali Anani to expand this comment into a full buzz, as the implications for every human are too great to have it buried. The 3 simplest, yet most important things we can do are drink water, breathe, and sleep - there are profound health benefits to getting these 3 right. And dire consequences when we let the contemporary lifestyle pressure us to neglect our own right balance of proper hydration, respiration, and sleep.

Passionate curiosity about the best way to optimize our own bodies is part of being in a dynamic community of people who aren't hurting, either physically or emotionally, and therefore can contribute their best selves - mind, body, and spirit.

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#63 @Franci Eugenia Hoffman- who could not mention great contributors to the discussions dear @Franci Eugenia Hoffman? Acknowledgement is the least to do. Yes, I am developing a new lifestyle.

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Thank you for the mention, Ali. Concerning your comments about water and how the lack of it will affect your health, water will help fuel vitality. So don't neglect yourself by not drinking enough water.

BTW, your posts and you including others in the post itself or via the comments is an excellent way to engage with passionate vitality.

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