Interdependence and Metaphors

Interdependence and Metaphors

If we draw our history paths and what happened to us we shall find that many turning effects started from small events that caused a diversion of our paths. Small things we do today may be influential over time in reshaping our lives. These changes don’t necessarily originate from our actions, but from the actions of others. Others here may include even microorganisms.

The reality in our lives is that we humans are part of the ecosystem in which we live. We are dependent on plants to eat and to consume carbon dioxide to produce among others Oxygen. We get more than 25% of our drugs from plants. The plants in return depend on others for their survival. Trees and fungi have the biggest underground network so that trees may warn each other of a risk they might be exposed to. When one tree is attacked by insects, it releases chemicals that get distributed through the fungi beneath the soil to warn nearby trees of a possible attack by insects so the other trees can prepare by changing the chemical makeup of their leaves.

The concept that "all living things are connected to other living things" at first seems implausible in the natural environment given the approach of "six degrees of Kevin Bacon". In reality, we all living systems are connected this way.

This brings the issue of using metaphors that offend some people. In my previous buzz on The Fish Pond Metaphor objected to using this metaphor for approximating the shrinkage of our world to that shrinkage of the world of fish by transferring them from an ocean into a small fish pond. I am sorry, but I disagree. We are all connected and seeing the humans as independent of what happens to other living systems is just ignoring this interdependence. Microorganism live in our bodies and they ferment many product that we depend on including food and pharmaceuticals. Why do we accept these facts and then find using fish as metaphor is unrealistic is vague to me, the least to say.

A second point is our attempts to read the future. I find it almost impossible to predict the future because of the intricate interdependence of living systems. We depend on bees to pollinate plants and yet we have interrupted the way bees communicate. This has resulted in the disappearance of many bees and threatening our world for fear of lack of plants production. We depend on bees and we kill them. The point here is that because of these known and unknown relationships it is almost impossible to predict the future. It is not only the butterfly effect operating in weather forecasting; more it is the impossible task of predicting our futures.

If we can’t predict the future then why do we worry about it? I believe in the invitations to keep in flow and enjoy the present fully. If we spend efforts in predicting the future it is more likely that our predictions shall fail. Our expectations shall not be met. This results in disappointment. If we keep doing the same our disappointment shall buildup and turn into loss of self-confidence, strong feelings that we are failures and building up of burning stress.

Enjoy the present. Act wisely. What happens shall happen. We increase our chances of brighter futures if we do lots of small considerate acts.

I believe it is time to seek the wisdom of @Joanne Gardocki


Thre are two extremes dear @Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA. One extreme is no planning at all. The other is very strict and rigig planning. In between there is flexible plan ing or adaptive planning. In between is not the mid point between the two extremes. It depends, as you mentioned, on many factors such as our knowledge and experience as well as the type of project we work on. I dare also add our level of intuition. So, I agree with your comment and the need to have adaptive planning or what you termed loose planning.
Thank you also for your consideration of the fish metaphor. It helps in understanding the value of loose planning.

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Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA 1/11/2017 · #60

Regarding the future, while we can't predict it, we should certainly not let that deter us from planning; albeit loosely. Again, while none of us can predict anything except 'death and taxes', with age and experience and the fact that most of us have discovered life can regularly present us with unique scenarios which can, as they say, 'put a crimp in our style', I believe - to a point - we can predict some things simply based upon our range of experience and knowledge. Plus we, hopefully, learn to have a back plan to our #1 plan. And, P.S. I loved the fish post; it was the perfect metaphor.

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#58 thank you again dear @Susan 🐝 Botello. I agree completely with you. You remind me of farmers who decide to plant a crop because weather expectations will be good for selected plants. The farmer does his best. Suddenly the weather turns against all expectations. The farmer loses his crop. Yes life with fulfilled expectations shall be dull. On the other hand it is always a risk. We have to accept realities. In the case of the farmer he would be better off to vary his crops so that he does not lose all his crops.
But the wind can not read.
But I can read your wisdom.

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Susan Botello 31/10/2017 · #58

#57 @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee I have made the mistake of thinking something was simple when it was actually complex and thinking something was complicated when in actuality was simple. The outcome is not in our control. I do my best to consider all within my power with each step. It's doing the best I can--that is all I can do, after all. Sometimes, I must wait for factors to realize themselves before me before I can take action and other times I feel I must take action expediently. It obviously depends on the situation. I agree with you and my expectations turn out unexpected outcomes. I think that is what can make it a bit of an adventure along the way. If we have control and know everything then life would be a bit dull. At least that is how I think. Congratulations on the views on LinkedIn!

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#56@Susan 🐝 Botello- feel the warmth of your comment. Whatever decision we make it is mostly a guess with varging degrees of certainty. Also, same decision shall have different consequences depending on the issue we are considering. If the system or issue is complex. Same decision will have different results than if it was simple or complicated. In complex system a decision is a trial and is subject to error and this is the way for us to learn and adapt.
I am disussing this issue in my next buzz.
For the first time a buzz of mine has more views on LI than beBee. In fact more than double. On LI it has so far more than 4120 views. Did I know or expect ir? Surely not. Just one example of when to publish is a guess. That is why I care now to write a buzz hoping the readers will find it useful. Apart from this I have nlo control. So I publish regardless of the possible number of views. This is one example of no matter what how cautious we are we have no control on the outcome. Just enjoy the moment by reading great comments such as yours.

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Susan Botello 31/10/2017 · #56

Love your article @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. I tell myself 'Watch your step' along the path and course of life where everything is connected. I take care in decisions I make and work on being better at it, and I have a ways to go. Sometimes it takes compassion to see what our eyes cannot see and vision to imagine where the steps we make can lead others who may follow and cross our path. You did it again, made me think deeply. You are a very talented writer. Thank you for sharing this great article!

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#54 @Cyndi wilkins- yes the integrity of balance in our minds and bodies is amazjing. Didtort the balance in one and the whole system reacts. Your example of homeostasis is an example of stabilizing feedback. There are also types of reinforcing feedback. Our bodies have both types.
You have a great point in referring the damage we have in our bodies and the damage we cause to the environment. Yes and nature is our tutor. It has the experience to how to react best to such situations. We can see this in an innured tree and how the tree rescts to such damage. You open my mind to n÷w possibilities.

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