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Some live comparison of posting results: BeBee VS LinkedIn

Some live comparison of posting results: BeBee VS LinkedIn

A few days ago I made a post: "On which social network to BeBee?" link below:

Later I made Its copy on LinkedIn to compare the results and here they are:


Some live comparison of posting results: BeBee VS LinkedIn


Some live comparison of posting results: BeBee VS LinkedIn

Views comparison seems just unreal: 

BeBee has 1000 views and LinkedIn 35. 

But when we come to likes:

BeBee has 25 and LinkedIn 29. How could that be? In one case we have a terrible conversion and in another amazing.

At the same time with comments it's different again:

Bebee 16 and LinkedIn 1 (in reality it should be 11 on BeBee because even my comments are counted, on LinkedIn only comments of other people) And still it's 10 times more feedback on BeBee.

Shares, we don't have numbers on BeBee but I know that there were at least 9 of them and I've had just 1 on LinkedIn.

Hard to come to any conclusion now. But it seems that calculations are different, at the same time I've had a promotion on BeBee because of getting 20 relative marks and 5 comments. And still in case of likes LinkedIn was more efficient in that part. I'll see what's going on with those articles so as, do a few more comparisons. Will see how it goes.

I have another article I compared but I don't take those results seriously cause I just started on BeBee that day, had no followers. Still, you might be interested in taking a look:

It's called: "What to do if you have nothing?"



Number of Views on LinkedIn is 744, shares 39.

Andrew Goldman

sunny yadav 7/7/2018 · #9

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Robert Bacal 25/2/2017 · #8

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del me 25/2/2017 · #7

Complete guesswork here, but my thinking is that LI used to count 'Feed views' (that is, anyone scrolling past your article in their feed) as a 'View'. Since their famous algorithm change, Views are now actually 'Clicks' - people who click through from their feed to your article. This would explain the drastic decrease in views - but more accurate. Now likes - My guess is likes are still showing for when people do NOT click through to your article. They just 'Like' the article from their feed, even though they haven't clicked through to read it. This would explain why the conversion rate seems absurdly high. I'm not going to hazard a guess for how beBee calculates Views, @javier can speak to that :)

del me 25/2/2017 · #6

Odd figures from LI - 35 views and 29 likes? Hmm....

Andrew 🐝 Goldman 7/10/2016 · #5

Thank you, Teresa. It always works: ask and you shall receive. #4

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Teresa Sauceda Casado 6/10/2016 · #4

Interesting comparison, thank you for sharing @Andrew Goldman I was wondering about what kind of differences would I find about sharing and commenting and then I found you talking about it :O

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Javier 🐝 beBee 6/10/2016 · #3

#2 @Andrew Goldman exactly. IMPROVING WILL BE A NON-STOP PROCESS on beBee :-)

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Andrew 🐝 Goldman 6/10/2016 · #2

Thank you, @Javier beBee Yeah, I went through that data and it's great. So that we deal with real people it's organic always until restrictions apply. I like how BeBee works and mostly everything is in favour of BeBee now. Improving is our is non-stop process) #1

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