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Suppliers Pitching Other Suppliers....Enough Already!

Suppliers Pitching Other Suppliers....Enough Already!If you are a business owner who blogs, then, you probably spend a lot of time creating content and sharing it in social media updates. I know I do. I invest hours upon hours to create pages upon pages of carefully crafted content and share it across many platforms. 

This content is intended to spark the interest of prospective clients and remind existing and former clients of our offerings.  Something interesting has been taking place and I first wrote about it last year in:

It has gotten to the point of overkill. It is as if content shared on social media is a billboard to suppliers flashing "Pitch Me" in neon lights.

My inbox is bursting with supplier pitches each and every day. Is this also happening to you?

I can't log on to LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter without encountering private messages with even more pitches. Suppliers hoping to piggyback on my marketing efforts are pitching their services to me non-stop so that I can use for with my clients. 

Some have even signed up for my e-lists that are intended for prospective clients and, when I send an update, they are turning around and pitching me

The worst abuse by far is when a prospective supplier fills in the request for quote form that I have created for client requests and uses it to send me a pitch about their own services. I open the email thinking it's a potential business opportunity and, instead, it's another pitch.

So the time and energy I think I am investing to communicate with prospective clients is instead going to suppliers. The expectation seems to be that I will do all the work and other suppliers will reap the benefits.

Let me be clear. These are unsolicited. They come out of the blue from people and organizations with which I have had no previous interaction. Some even include attachments 5 Mg, 10 Mg, 25 Mg. The gall?

Then there is the follow-up....2, 3, or 4 times. Did you get my email? Why haven't you responded. Perhaps they did not get the memo. No one is obliged to respond to an unsolicited promotional pitch. 

News Flash: My website and social media channels are not Coronation Market in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica. Google that one.

Interestingly enough, in Jamaica and other parts of the world, the market vendors have been receiving customer service training. They are not nearly as "in your face" as the market vendors of yesteryear. They give you a smile and a warm greeting, and let you browse.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  I haven't seen any other posts about this topic so I thought that I would take the plunge.

My Feedback to Suppliers Engaging in a Pitchfest

I am not sure what is behind these endless pitches to other suppliers. Why not approach the end client? Yes, we ALL could use more business but hounding other suppliers is not the way to go about it. 

Perhaps you think because you see me and other bloggers and writers in print that it means our phones are ringing off the hook. Maybe you think that we have an endless supply of business to hand over to you. We don't. It's tough slugging for just about everyone right now.

Here's the bottom line. If you are reading this and you are thinking of pitching me PLEASE.....

I mean seriously!

Don't get me wrong. I value supplier relationships. During over 20 years of business, it has been a privilege to provide lots of business for DMCs, recreational service providers, catering services, hotels, resorts, airlines, bus companies, limos. You get my point? 

I will continue to work with other companies. I can't serve clients without you but flooding my inbox and sending me a never-ending chain of private messages is not helping either of us generate business. It is a distraction and a time waster. The time I spend sorting through and deleting all of these messages takes away from the time I have to promote and potentially find business for all of us.

What to do Instead.....

  • Follow me on social media. I am right here beBee and on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you offer a service that I think I might use at some point, I will definitely follow you back.

  • Engage. I am always looking for opportunities to engage and share the helpful content of others. I do it proactively. Every day I log on and look for content to share. 

  • Tag me if you think there is something that may be of value for members of my network....and I don't just mean on promotional pitches. Some of those are fine but tips, ideas, strategies, even great articles related to team building, destinations, corporate events, and innovative event and meeting technology are always of interest.

  • Share my content too. If you re-tweet what I share and like and comment on my status updates, you better believe I will notice and have a look at what you have to offer. Remember, re-tweet. Liking on Twitter does nothing. On LinkedIn and Facebook pages, liking AND commenting does the trick

  • Join one of the B2B blogging communities I have started. I have set them up on 4 platforms and it's an opportunity to discover and share each other's content. It has been a challenge to find a core group of B2B bloggers and content producers who will consistently work together so you better believe that I will share your content if you are willing to work together. Without mutual sharing, we are all dead in the water. Social media algorithms have made sure of that. I am actively looking for other B2B businesses and suppliers so that we can share each other's content. So sign up.
         “Help thy brother's boat across, and Lo! Thine own has reached the shore”

  • If you have more than 5,000 Twitter followers, join one of my Triberr tribes, check it regularly, and share. I run 4 tribes (Inspiration for Event Planners, Team Building Network for Executives, Corporate Incentive Travel Destinations, You go Girl.) I am not the only one who runs Triberr tribes. They are very helpful but they all need fresh blood, great content, and active participants.

  • Join one of the LinkedIn Groups or beBee Hives that I run and share regularly.....helpful, informative, and useful content. I will notice and so will the other members.

  • Suggest a CO-marketing opportunity.

  • Refer business for a change.....don't always wait on me to refer business to you. 

  • Invite others suppliers to join with you as you respond to a request for proposal. I do this all the time and will happily participate if I can add value.

It's Not About's About US

Any of these suggestions can be applied to other suppliers you've been trying to pitch. Check out where they are active, join in, and support their efforts.

Soon, we'll have a vibrant and active network of businesses sharing and supporting each other. We'll get content out there to people who are in a position to engage our services. We'll gradually uncover opportunities for each other.

It will take time but.......

                                                             If we all work together we will get there faster.......

If you share this, please use my personal Twitter handle @athornleybrown.

@John Marrett Catch my Jamaican reference here.


#9 Perhaps they should remember that prospective and current clients are watching.

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Strangely, they would not be so aggresive with prospective clients.


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