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Mind Compass

Mind Compass

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Buzz: Big Mind & Small Mind

What was initially a buzz written from a backdrop of personal frustration now has become a mind compass

I never intended that a buzz initially written by me would become a "paradox wisdom" especially one that was already initially a reflection to begin with.  The impetus of the buzz was a college event that I am occupied with, so much so it has taken time away from where I want to explore, which is on beBee.  There is no problem in terms of my commitment to the event, but it is one that was an imposition, a decision that was made by others who agreed to host an event without considering the time and effort it takes to run it and run it successfully. 

In my response to Ali Anani I began to see the actuality of my initial posting "Big Mind & Small Mind".  It was the very duality I said is accelerated by technology.  The initial creation of technology was a binary creation.  In social media to some extent we continue to exist in a binary extension that is 1 and 0.  This despite the fact that technology itself has become ever more sophisticated in structures, moving now from structure to space.  That space occupies deep learning and neural networks as the new frontier of technology development, but these frontiers have so far not changed the original binary relationship of technology.   Even HTML is not binary but hexadecimal, but as technology evolves, we remain relatively static.

Whether it is the original buzz or this paradox wisdom, I don't want to focus on the shadow side, but the enlightened side of my mind.  I do recognize the binary state I unwittingly created by writing "Big Mind & Small Mind", and it is the first buzz I have written whose source code is based on an initial frustration within me.  The net result is that I saw the need to get out of the initial binary state and more importantly, even when it comes to technology - my focus moving forward should be how I can use technology development for my learning journey, rather than focus on the shadow side of technology which already receives extensive opinion and thought through many publications and thinkers. 

In my response to Ali Anani, I decided that first I must get out of the tyranny of OR, which is about big vs. small and move to big AND small.  Secondly I saw that "small" is not judgement but a way.  When I operate in my small mind, I am superfocused, converging all my knowledge on a singular purpose.  When I operate in my big mind, I diverge and look to vision and imagination - an individual response, rather than for a group action.  So I extended the two mind states and played with the idea of a mind compass.  I have captured two states of that mind compass, the first is the The Enlightened Mind Compass and the second The Shadow Mind. Mind Compass

Mind Compass

The way we address or attend to these states in social media can be somewhat different to the way we attend to these states as a learning journey - and I would say very different.  This is because the shadow mind compass is what grabs our visceral attention, it is what triggers maybe past memories, associations that register with us emotionally or simply a fascination, the same kind that entertainment and news companies utilize to seek our attention. 

What I find is that the shadow mind compass already has a tremendous amount of social attention and while it can inform my learning journey, because there is this shadow - I want to place my focus on the enlightened mind compass.  The irony is not lost on me that when I wrote the Big Mind & Small Mind - the roots or impulse that drove me to reflect stem from the shadow side of group think.   In the course of reflecting, I saw how hypocritical it would be of me or anyone to cite group-think, when this is far more the social norm. 

At the same time I can see the value of the small mind (tightly bound by acumulated knowledge or subject matter expertise) and that is in the ability to execute on that knowledge.  I also see value in the closed mind when we make decisions.  The meaning of decision is to cut off all others choices.  In the enlightened mind compass - that is a good thing. 

The paradox wisdom here is the enlightened mind compass and while I never contemplated that my thoughts would veer into this direction, that is reality of a learning journey - something else new emerges that would not have come into being, had the initial binary experience not been recognized.  I am not free of duality simply because I now contemplate a enlightened mind compass, but I have taken at least a step in the right direction to that which is a most difficult mind state, that no-mind state of freedom.

Prakashan B.V 9/10/2016 · #4

Nice article @CityVP Manjit...Thanks @Ali Anani for bringing this to my attention...Thanks

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 8/10/2016 · #3

#2 Dear @Ali Anani, I will take a look at these links next Saturday, for the next six days I am going to be occupied in preparing for the very event that initially was the backdrop to Big Mind & Small Mind. I will lurk in between breaks from this event prep but will return with full attention to beBee on 15th October 2016. Thank you in kind.

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Part 2
You remind me of two presentations that I wrote and now I am thinking of merging them with a new thinking as prompted by this buzz. The two presentations are:
1. Separation Thinking- it is not OR as much as it is AND
2. Story Attractors- and Slide 15 as an example. Now, the center of the tetrahedron is No Mind. This opens a new thinking on developing the structure of a story.

Thank you @CityVP Manjit for the inspiration

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@CityVP Manjit= I discovered one important idea from this buzz. When an author (bee) of a buzz evolves, because of a comment the author of the comment evolves as well. I am truly honored that my simple comment on your previous buzz dear Manjit resulted in this hugely relevant buzz. The movement away from separation thinking of OR to AND opened huge possibilities to reconsider minds and how they may operate.
I look at your pyramids as tetrahedral of new thinking and these two tetrahedrals are fractal because they operate at all scales and spaces. That No Mind is freedom is also greatly linked to vivid imagination where we may imagine things beyond reality. Is this imagination a form of meta-imagination or what I am not sure about, but what I am sure of is the opening of novel ways for us to think.

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