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Blockchain-ed Social Media: Do I Need to Pay for it?

Blockchain-ed Social Media: Do I Need to Pay for it?

Social Media .. Social Media .. Social Media. How good they exist. What would I (we) have done without the Social Media? Where would we "blog" our texts? A friend of mine says, "my free wordpress blogging was so good". LinkedIn is a proud "celebrity" in the Social Media aka Professional Media. Twitter and Facebook are not much different, but you can't use it in the same way! Our upcoming Professional Media is beBee that looks for affinity, love and like.

Algorithm is the King of the Social Media. Don't believe? But it is the Truth

Each and every Social Media are controlled by a bunch of software. The algorithm is the super controller of almost every activity. The human intervention of the Social Media administration is of course there. In fact the humans control the algorithms and decide what is allowed or not to be done.

The human administration is the Emperor of the Social Media. It is the Hard Truth

The human administrators of the Social Media rule the game. Many of us always blame the algorithm but not the human administrators. In fact the human administrators are the Real Controllers of the Social Media. They can make you a super blogger, an influencer or a Social Media celebrity by infecting you with "viral" promotions.

A new algorithm called blockchain is overwhelming almost everything

The algorithm is an algorithm. Blockchain is also another algorithm. It is new in the market. It is just a 9 years old kid. So blockchain has its own growing problems. In fact every kid grows and shows promises. It will soon enter in its teen days. As you know, the kids in the teen years are very vulnerable. That is true for blockchain as well.

The Social Media is also adopting the blockchain algorithm

There are many Social Media who already adopted blockchain algorithm to provide their day to day services. To name a few, such as Steemit, Indorse, Synereo, Leeroy etc. have been saying that they are utilizing blockchain. I have tried some but frankly speaking there are less number of users. The engagement is not as good as we get in beBee,  LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Do we need to pay to use the blockchain-ed Social Media?

beBee has already announced that it will utilize blockchain. It is a great news. Everybody is applauding. But I am worrying as a poor guy. Do we need to pay to write blogs aka produce honey in the blockchain-ed beBee? Do we need to pay to read (taste) the blogs (honey) of our fellow Bees? Do we need to pay for commenting?

shhhh .. I must agree that selling honey is not a bad idea

beBee is already a great Social Media. Will beBee be a greater and better Social Media platform with blockchain? Please don't block your mind for any preference. What do you think? I request my good friend Bees: May I get your frank views please?

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"New research suggests blockchain based computer programs are far from secure!"

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#8 Thanks @Renoy K. George for your comment

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Awesome post!

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#2 It is really a "fly in the ointment" @Phil Friedman .. we can't do anything other than waiting for the algorithm to demonstrate something concrete gain .. and finally the human administration to decide

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#1 I agree with you @Pascal Derrien .. we can't give a final opinion until we see what it gives in reality

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