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"Moments Frozen in Time"

"Moments Frozen in Time"

"The time will come when temporal shall cease.
This time revolving wheel shall rest in peace:
No summer then shall glow, nor winter freeze;
Everything shall be to come … all that’s past is past,
A new age … an eternal now shall ever last." ~ Petrarch

“Moments frozen in time”

The loveliest things … we hold dear to our heart

The freezing of moments … are framed just like art

The “circle-of-life” is a “circle-of-love”

The weaving of hearts … when two become one

The sharing of life … and days in the sun

Solemn vows spoken … “I’ll love you forever"

Heart-promises exchanged … a perfect treasure

Then JOY of parents … the gift of a child

New LIFE … endless SMILES … entirely beguiled

The scent of a baby is sweeter … than sweet

If blessed to have many then sweetness repeats

Children … running … and playing

Laughing … crying … and hugging

Learning … yearning … and reaching

Dreaming … growing … and leaving

Finding their place in our hearts

… Moments frozen in time …

Finding their place in the world

… Moments frozen in time …

Epiphanies & "300 Violins" Symphonies & catastrophes

… More moments to freeze …

For some solemn vows can be broken

“Forever” should not have been spoken

“Forever” ended yesterday

“I can no longer stay”

Happiness is NEVER two … minus one

Tell the man in the moon to darken the sun

Love was cut short … but time will go on

… Unfrozen …

“Sometimes I wish I never had to sleep. Sometimes I think that if I stay very, very still, if I never move at all, things will change. I think if I freeze myself I can freeze the pain. Sometimes I won't move for hours. I will not move an inch. If time stands still nothing can go wrong” ~ Tahereh Mafi

Some moments are frozen as ice

Catastrophes seem a rolling of dice

Fires & floods and hurricanes …

Famines & droughts … pray for food & rains

Tragedies strike … devastation remains

Tears are a balm ... not held to refrain

But press the shutter … and pause the pain

Because grief held inside is a runaway train

Death & loss have freezing powers

Like planes crashing into towers

Changing lives in briefest hours

… Time seems halted …

Against a glorious blue sky

Frozen in the mind's eye

Will the loss of a child or the loss of a spouse

Cause light and LOVE to leave your house?

Time can’t be halted … and grief can’t be rushed

A heart that is broken … cannot be un-crushed

For heroes and martyrs’ … lives NOT lost in vain

Their song will live on and their memory remain

… Frozen in time …

And then there are moments of healing & grace

“Not guilty” … “forgiven” …“cancer free - no trace”

There are so many moments that indeed can freeze time

Now in * “fem-to-second” time … I freeze to end this rhyme ;~)

We do not remember days, we remember moments.” ~ Cesare Pavese

“Moments frozen in time” … flow out these lines from "The Covering”

... If time could freeze …

I would paint forever pictures

Then frame them on the walls of my mind

Of all the people I love

Those who touched my heart … with their heart

Some for a lifetime and some for a day

Are kept my heart … and always will stay

… Moments frozen in time …


I have a Friend who abides with me

... but He is a Spirit you can’t see ...

He formed the earth and by name, knows each star

He’s ever so near … though he seems to be far

Our days & our times are held in His Hands

LOVE & Grace are the heart of His purpose & plans

This poem was inspired by and is dedicated to the “best of bees” @AliAnani for “Freezing Time”



@LisaVanderburg for her comment: “Frozen time moments … usually reserved for catastrophe or the birth of my children”

*“fem-to-second” time /one quadrillionth of a second.

May 7th 2020 this poem will be published by Spillwords 

https://spillwords.com/ moments-frozen-in-time/

https://spillwords.com/author/ faymarmalich-vietmeier/

January 18th, 2020 on beBee 

I write: “In His Light”~ Fay Vietmeier

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Thank you for looking Franci ... I went back to look at my email

"Moments Frozen in Time" will be published on 5/7/20 at 2am Eastern Time (ET)

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#24 Congrats, @Fay Vietmeier. I found "BLUEBERRY BANTER & BLUEBERRY BLUES" and I will look for "Moments Frozen in Time".

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“Papercuts to the heart” a side-effect of social distancing

“Redeem the Time”

“Worms, Worriers, and Warriors”

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Hello Franci~ hope you are well ... sharing with you that Moments Frozen in Time will be published on Spillwords ... I thank you for pointing out this resource ;~)

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I love the way you described this platform and those who contribute to the Hive.
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