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This Week In Social Media Volume 4

This Week In Social Media Volume 4

Welcome Saturday !!! Another Week Full Of Social Media Is Up And We Got Some Of The Best Highlights From Top Influencers & Rising Social Minds Alike !!!

One the things i tell all my colleagues is be careful what you post online... Twitter allows for plenty accounts that can be tailored to your activities... One for business, One for family Another for friend circles... Easy enough... Right ? 
Jason Sibley shares with us an article dealing with this on a more personal and younger level...Why students should be taking their personal brand seriously and working on it from an early age.


Still navigating along this line, we know professional networks are a must in this age, #socialselling is the latest trend and for it to work we need to build a solid online presence. LinkedlIn expert Dennis Koutoudis Shares with us “How to Create Influence on LinkedIn"


So, we mentioned personal branding, Linkedln and socialselling... But how can i start monetizing on them for me or my business ?Well, mix the 3 and serve this great interview by Top Social Selling Influencer Timothy Hughes about "How to use Social Selling When Selling to an Enterprise"