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For Those Who Are Still Confused About beBee Ambassadors

For Those Who Are Still Confused About beBee AmbassadorsMy dear fellow Bees:

I was appointed a beBee brand ambassador a few months ago. I'm not exactly sure how this came about. Mostly likely because I had, since coming to beBee, become very interested in attracting people to the site.
I behave this way because I am a marketer and an advertising animal. It's in my DNA. So I started coming up with ideas that I could use to get some attention for beBee, mainly on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.
I focused on LinkedIn primarily because I knew a lot of people there who were in the process of having their followings decimated by LinkedIn's behavior towards them, just like they did to me.
But I also undertook these activities because I was genuinely excited by the prospect of being part of the first wave on a relatively new social/business media site, and really wanted to share that with the peeps I knew over in the Lumpy Kingdom.
So my assumption is that this was conside