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Has America Put A Con Artist In The White House?

Has America Put A Con Artist In The White House?Yesterday, two things happened that I thought were interconnected. And yes they have to do with the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump.
And yes, I made a promise to back off and curb my enthusiastic opposition to his presidency, and I will. But like I said a couple of things happened and I just couldn’t resist.

The Pitbull Growls

Has America Put A Con Artist In The White House?The first thing that happened was that I saw this update by Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Party’s resident pitbull and MVP, where she pointed out that Trump has been inviting lobbyists from various groups and corporations into his inner circle of advisors, with an eye to appointing some of them to cabinet posts.
(I would post this vid, but it hasn't been uploaded to YouTube yet)
This behavior runs completely counter to the adamant “trust me folks” pronouncements he made all through the campaign, to clean up the pork barrel of bought-and-paid-for-politicians in Washington.
What he appears to be doing is creating his own private trough at which to feed, because wherever there are lobbyists, there are kickbacks. And if there are lobbyists in Trump Tower, you can only imagine how huge those kickbacks would be.
This is shaping up to be similar to the way Russian President, Vladimir Putin does business. He hands out government contracts to companies who will guarantee him an under-the-table kickback of anywhere between 7 and10% of the company’s revenues. It's estimated that this has made him weel in excess of $40 billion, tucked safely away in a Swiss bank.
So the fix already appears to be in, just a week into this transition phase.
Trump argues that he’s bringing these people because they know how the system works. But that, again (glorioski!) runs completely counter to his vehement campaign claim that “nobody knows the system better than me”.
What this very much looks like to Senator Warren and probably to a lot of people who are not Trump Koolaid drinkers, is a con. Pure and simple.
And it’s a con arrogantly being played out right in plain sight.

Trump Heart Trump

Has America Put A Con Artist In The White House?My opinion has always been that a narcissist’s only obsession is with himself. When you mate that with Trump’s fanatical desire to win at any cost, which he has proven to us all, you end up with someone whose only interest in America is how much money he can make off it.
I’m not saying this is true. But, to quote Bill Maher, “It sure as hell looks like it.”

The Second Thing

Yesterday I had a sauna and was leafing through my newly discovered stack of lyrics when I came across this. (below) It has no date on it, but I assume that I wrote it sometime in the late 1970s.
When I read it over, I realized that this metaphor could just as easily apply to Trump as it could to (pick a despot) anywhere in the world at any time.
It also goes to show you that my interest is justice has been pretty much a lifelong thing.
Guess you could call me a dove in hawk’s clothing. It’s a dirty job but there are a lot of us out there doing it. And the more the merrier

Has America Put A Con Artist In The White House?

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Yankee Mountain 19/11/2016 · #23

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Pamela L. Williams 19/11/2016 · #22

#21 The entire plan wreaks of the most horrible time in history...no one believed the atrocities then, that couldn't possibly be true, that would never happen, and yet..............

William VanDorin 19/11/2016 · #21

#19 We should have become concerned for our future long ago when we embraced monstrous war criminals in our intelligence agencies and scientific endeavors. This was done out of ignorance of the consequences and fear.. We are now proposing badging Muslims, does this have a horrifying ring of familiarity?

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Jim Murray 19/11/2016 · #20

#15 Your hatred for Obama is well document on beBee Brian. At the very least you have a point of view. Just wondering if, like a lot of other right wingers there isn't a certain amount of racism that's mixed up in your opinion. Please correct me if I am wrong in my supposition. If I'm not then you would just be like all those other Americans who drank the con man's Koolaid. If you honestly think that Trump will make a better president than Obama did, then I certainly feel bad for you. We should re-convene on this issue in say, June of 2017, it there is still an America left to discuss. BTW Hillary is now 1.5 million popular votes ahead of Herr Trump.

Pamela L. Williams 19/11/2016 · #19

OH, one more thing Jim, the chosen one for Head of Intelligence walked away after meeting with Trump. Ignoring the pun of intelligence regarding the trump dictatorship wanna-be attitude, the intelligence community is 'highly concerned' (NPR). And we're not supposed to be afraid for our future?

Pamela L. Williams 19/11/2016 · #18

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Philippe Collard 19/11/2016 · #17

Has America put a con man in the White House? I did not know that it was even worth a question. But that is not only a con man that was put in the White House, also: a crook, a pathological liar, a racist, a person who treats women like objects, a narcicist, an ignorant, a gangster whose only art of deals are to not pay his bills, on and on. This scum bag, will, in turn, bring others like him in the WH (see Bannon anc co). Bravo America, you govt now ressemble those of Chile during Pinochet, of Spain during Franco. A banana republic. What I find absolutely innacceptable is that the Democrats in Congress (House and Senate) state, for the most part, that they are "ready to work with him". Are you f...g kidding me! Thow the bums out and by that I mean every single elected House or Senate member who even hints at "working" with Trump and the Reps...do I need to remind people that those same Reps obstructed Obama's agenda from day one...an agenda to do mostly good...whereas what the Reps have in mind is to do mostly harm (like putting a climate change denier at the EPA, selecting a 9th SCOTUS to undo Roe v Wade, undo the ACA, etc etc...Democrats have only one thing to do: oppose whatever those jerks will do and expose the corruption they represents.

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Chas Wyatt 19/11/2016 · #16

@Jim Murray, he has just settled the lawsuit against Trump University for $25 million, a case he vowed to fight; his supporters had better get used to eating waffles~