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The Power Of Fear

The Power Of Fear

OK so if you watch this video, you will come away a lot smarter about the way things are working in the world.
This video is about Donald Trump and how he managed to get himself elected president of the United States but it’s really about more than that.
It’s about how any tyrant uses the power of fear to demoralize, desensitize and make people feel that there is no hope. That the world is just a crumbling ruin. That the end is nigh, so to speak.

It is this type of manipulative rhetoric and the media attention it garners that is precisely how repressive totalitarian regimes come into power.

This is exactly what has been happening in the United States with the coming of Donald Trump.
But his path was paved by the development of a substantial right-wing network of media outlets, talk radio, blogs and web sites that are all working in the same direction: to build up a climate of fear and bigotry among people who are easy to scare and manipulate.
In the case of America, these bigots preyed on the white working class, many of whom were displaced from their jobs (mostly through automation) and were living with a certain amount of fear and resentment already.
These extreme, or as they are now known, alt-right bigots filled these with fears that black people all had the potential to kill them, that Mexicans were stealing their jobs and flooding the country with drugs, that Muslims were all terrorists bringing their jihad to the shores of their country and the their government was condoning, yes even facilitating it all.
And as soon as Trump appeared on the scene, a man who embodied all the bigoted qualities of the alt-right and possessed a chronic narcissism and a desperate need to win at any cost, the bigots had their poster boy.
The news media covered the hell out of Trump, and exposed his rhetoric of hate and fear to just about every American, bringing out a bigotry in a lot of people who up to that point had been tolerant and pretty good citizens.
And on it went. With an elongated barrage of lies, Trump managed to reposition his main competitor Hillary Clinton, who unfortunately was too decent to fire back hard core and start a pissing contest.
And that really was that.

Now the American people’s worst nightmare has been realized.

A high functioning bigoted, racist, sexist, isolationist sociopath with no moral filter, limited intellect, arrogance beyond belief (called chronic narcissism), absolutely no grasp on the complexities of running a country, no diplomatic skills, a chronic liar, with alt-right bigots whispering in his ear and the white hot anger of the other half of the country who didn’t vote for him.
I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that I do not see any light at the end of the particular tunnel until at least 2020.
A few people have told me that I should back off a bit and give Trump a chance, so for the past couple of weeks that is exactly what I have been doing. Just watching.
And I am here to report no change. If anything the abject insanity of this man is shining even brighter.
So my message to the alt-right is simply this. Be careful what you wish for, because it just may blow up in your face, because Donald Trump may even be too crazy for you.

The Power Of Fear
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Brian McKenzie 30/11/2016 · #7

I would rebut....i am however digging deeper into the Pizzagate wikileaks. It seems Hillary enjoys not only pissing contests but other bodily function exhibitions. Indeed, character should be critical.

Paul Frank Gilbert 30/11/2016 · #6

FEAR. The only purpose of fear is to manipulate people. Fear is used by people who are unable to communicate their ideas effectively, people who then look to blame anyone but themselves for their failure to "win" their battles ... to convince people of their cause. Fear is used by those unable to influence change. Why? Because fear is easy. So many people in this world have become dependent on others for their safety ... have given up the responsibility for taking care of themselves ... their happiness, their safety. So they are easily manipulated by fear. Fear is the lazy persons tool and the weak persons subjugation. Politics has become the playground of fear. All the candidates used it. Media has become the spewers of fear ... fear mongering is evidently very lucrative! But lets face it FEAR is not cornered by any one person, one government, one country ... no fear is rampant throughout the world ... because it is easy and people are weak ... and afraid. But not all of us ...

Jim Murray 30/11/2016 · #5

#4 I hope you're right, @Brian McKenzie. I really truly do. But I just can get around the personality defects that are on display here every day in your fearless leader.

Brian McKenzie 30/11/2016 · #4

Yes, it is true, half of America is dull, dim, daft - blindly led by low information slogans, frothing with their zealotry, swaddled in propaganda and ideology - spewing hatred, violence and murder.....we just disagree on the name of that side. Facts over feels. It is the Democrats and Hillary supporters that are burning, looting and rioting across America. America has become the most ravially divided under the leadership of the man that ran on Hope, Change, Unity and Transparency. I have neither the time nor crayons to appropriately draw a picture of his hypocrisy. It wil take at least 4 years to unf*ck everything Obama has done. Here's to a 2020 Trump Re-election victory! Hazza!

Asesh Datta 30/11/2016 · #3

Very rightly stated, the power of fear. If you are afraid, then follow me.Who are not afraid? All of us are in varieties of degrees.
Creating fear of future is normal. If most advanced country's citizen are 50% afraid, the direction is right and not to criticize the person who instill fear among citizens.
Problem is those who are pseudo courageous however powerful you may be, physically, economically, in sheer numbers or gender majority. We have to surrender in front of the inevitable Creator offers. Be prepared and accept the fear we all possess.
Now translate this fear into victory, which Mr. Donald has shown. Of course, time will tell how he delivers, but keep him safe and free from opposition for the sake of it.
Don't paint a picture of shame, hate and fear all around the globe. Cyclones are a natural process do not try to give a blind eye. Can we conclude that cyclones are due to climate change? Then there were no cyclones before industrial revolution. We all are destined to be transformed to a fossil fuel for the future if such natural calamities happen.
Media is a reward of technology. The best media is what our senses can capture. Technology has stretched our visual and aural beyond comprehension. This has become a revenue generator by itself with so much employment and service to mankind. It also has its pitfalls on integrity and propaganda.
Sensationalism sells swiftly spreading skewed symptoms. Regards

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Gerald Hecht 29/11/2016 · #2

@Jim Murray Tom Friedman --just to clarify; BTW, Trump is trying to feed both cyclonic forces: 1) return to fossil fuels with a vengeance/kill the EPA (Malthusian https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2009/mar/21/leader-thomas-malthus) and 2) The "Fake News Marketing Generators"!

Gerald Hecht 29/11/2016 · #1

@Jim Murray there is only light for those who can figure out how to stay in "Friedman's storied calm in the eye" of the cyclonic engine of exponentially accelerating Malthusian exponential forces of the earth's resources interacting with the (also) exponentially accelerating Moore's law "fake news" marketing techniques underlying its creation, dissemination, and amplification through SM channels...a process not at all understood by the majority who will fail to learn to stay in the eye...Goebbels would be impressed --Hitchcock (were he still with us) would have great material to work with. I doubt that many readers of this comment will even understand its meaning...and will be damaged/destroyed/ripped to pieces by the cyclone...