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The Upsides Of Being Excellent To Each Other On BeBee. And Everywhere Else.

The Upsides Of Being Excellent To Each Other On BeBee. And Everywhere Else.
I recently disconnected from several of the political and news sites that feed into my Facebook page.
I was scrolling through this stuff when it finally hit me.The Upsides Of Being Excellent To Each Other On BeBee. And Everywhere Else.
These posts, which mostly have to so with all the crap going on in the United States right now, from the insane presidential race to the war on terror to the ongoing war by the police against unarmed black men to mass shootings to….well, pick a cozy little corner of hell and my Facebook page would take you there.
Most of the stuff I was looking at, commenting on and responding to in little memes that I don’t really post anywhere else, was horrendously dark.
Oh sure, I still got all the news from family and friends and the cat videos I so dearly love, but somehow, slowly and insidiously, I started to see Facebook as something akin to the Ninth Gate of Hell.
But more than that I started to see all this stuff I was letting into my life for what it really was, which was propaganda.

Propaganda You Agree With Is Still Propaganda

This revelation was not any sort of shock. The notion had been knocking around in my head for a few months now.
But like any revelation of substance that you have, it was slow in coming. But the other day it blossomed and instead of sitting around and intellectualizing it, like I usually do, I did something about it.
In addition to ditching all the propaganda sites, I also renewed my commitment to stay the hell away from cable news and their drill-down-to the-absolute-bottom-of-every-single-thing-that-happens bullshit.
I don’t need to know all that stuff. In point of fact, I can’t really think of anybody who does.
But I digress.

What’s This Got To Do With BeBee?

The Upsides Of Being Excellent To Each Other On BeBee. And Everywhere Else.I don’t know about you, but to be honest, I kind of backed into my parking space here on beBee.
I was retreating from darkness of a different sort, which was all the frustration I was feeling after three or four years of building a following on LinkedIn, only to have to unceremoniously squashed over the course of a few months.
But I have gotten straightened around and very quickly came to view beBee as a kind of brand new start.
A lot of the people I know here feel the same way and are, like me, happy to do whatever is within our power and our skills sets to help beBee succeed.

Being Excellent Means Beeing Positive

The Upsides Of Being Excellent To Each Other On BeBee. And Everywhere Else.If you are reading as a beBee user, then you are part of the beBee expeditionary force. Because the first few years of a site’s existence is what will define its character going forward.
I know for a fact that Javier and Juan (beBee’s owners), their staff, Matt Sweetwood, John White, all the beBee ambassadors chosen so far and dozens of other people, all want BeBee to be seen as a positive and constructive entity, insofar as that is possible.
And that starts right down at the grass roots level. One user to another, to another and so on.
This is achieved by, among other things:
• Treating the opinions of your fellow bees with respect in your comments even when you are disagreeing with them.
• Supporting people who post stuff you get something good out of by sharing it, within beBee and more importantly on other social media sites.
• Writing good posts about the stuff you believe is important
Finding out more about the people you find interesting and deepening your relationships with them.

The Upside of Positivity

The mathematics of beBee is very simple.
As the site grows, you get to know more people. Get to discover more opportunities. Get to grow your following. Get to exchange more ideas. Get to find more things that interest you. Get to have a much richer social media experience.
And to get all this, all you have to do is give a little.
A little involvement. A little appreciation. A little kindness. A little encouragement. A little response. A little positivity.
beBee is committed to organic growth, but they are also committed to making everybody’s experience here as positive as it can be.

The How Of beBee

Somebody once told me that the personality of an organization is reflected in the personalities of its owners. From all I have been able to see, Juan & Javier are very positive and well intentioned people.
They are also smart businessmen who want to make beBee a thing of value in the social media world. Who doesn’t want that?
But for them, it’s about the how.
And trust me when I tell you they have chosen the high road.
They have charted a positive, constructive course and I really do believe that this reflects their personalities as much as it does their aspirations.
So in the immortal words of Ted ‘Theodore' Logan….Be Excellent To Each Other.
There’s no downside to doing that. On beBee, or anywhere else for that matter.

The Upsides Of Being Excellent To Each Other On BeBee. And Everywhere Else.

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Milos Djukic 10/2/2017 · #29

Once again thank you @Jim Murray for this article.

Jim Murray 24/9/2016 · #28

#5 Thanks Julie Hickman...

Jim Murray 24/9/2016 · #27

#12 Thnaks again @David Grinberg

Jim Murray 24/9/2016 · #26

#13 @John White, MBA. Two years ago I shut down my FB account for the reasons I describe here and started a new one with only about 100 friends. I subscribed to these news outlets because I was attracted to the Trump Traveling Circus. But like everything it just got to be too much.

Jim Murray 24/9/2016 · #24

#23 @Steven Kalavity I'm sure there will be no censorship imposed here. The main purpose of this piece is to promote civility. There will always be trolls and morons and smartest guys in the room. It comes with the territory as the site grows. But if we can at least promote the idea of civility then we might just all be better off. It's more intellectually challenging to make a hard point without resorting to some sort of below the belt tactic. But you can find that sort of thing anywhere. It would be nice if we can set some sort of example for healthy civilized debate.

+3 +3
Steven Kalavity 24/9/2016 · #23

The main issue that I had with LinkedIn was its distribution algorithm among followers and beyond and then LI censorship d/t anonymous complainers. I think that writers and companies for that matter need to be equipped to defend their prose, if any. Art and writing can be offensive and maybe should be in a democratic forum. As a producer's followers and users of BeBee increases managing content will be an issue as more writing ideas to be seen by more minds will generate more opinions. People who go public cannot be shielded from public impression. I would say that sharing or commenting on every post one takes the time to read would be a good thing. We hope readers are respectful, but variety is the spice of life after all. We should take comments in all forms as some sort of compliment that ideas resonated in some way.

+3 +3
Vincent Andrew 24/9/2016 · #22

Shared this on Google+, LinkedIn and Motivation hive. Love your post @Jim Murray. Thank you!

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