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The Worst Job In The World, A Movie Concept

The Worst Job In The World, A Movie ConceptIn Hollywood and New York, there are probably a hundred or so people working on movie and mini-series treatment ideas for the Great American Film or Series. Most likely it would be about the 2016 election. So I thought I would have a go at my own. I call it…The Worst Job In The World.


Every country has its highs and its lows. But every since September 11, 2001, the country called America has been slowly and steadily sinking into a Deep Dark Pit.
I know this because I have been paying attention. I know this because I have been observing this decline closely.
A lot of Americans will tell you that a Canadian has no business commenting on what is going on in their country. That they don’t have the perspective of actually living there, where you get a true sense of what is real and what is not.
This, of course, is bullshit. People are observing America from just about everywhere and it can be strongly argued that being outside the country actually gives you a more objective point of view.

The Worst Job In The World Act 1, The Scene Setup
Jim Murray

The 9/11 terrorist attacks gave the news media a new sense of empowerment. The 24-hour news cycle was already ingrained in the America psyche, and so people just ate it up.
And even though nobody actually came right out and said it, what was building in the country was a sense that this attack was more than an assault on the capitalist system or American imperialism and war mongering in the Middle East. It was an attack on the Christian values that many Americans hold so dear.
So what slowly and steadily grew was a deep and burning resentment of the Muslim religion and Muslims in general. This happened despite the fact that the people allegedly responsible for the attacks were terrorists who only used Islam as a straw dog and that the American people were told this repeatedly in the years that followed.
All throughout its history, the mob mentality has always been an important part of the American culture.The Worst Job In The World, A Movie Concept
The Republican government at the time headed by a Dope