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The Worst Job In The World, A Movie Concept

The Worst Job In The World, A Movie ConceptIn Hollywood and New York, there are probably a hundred or so people working on movie and mini-series treatment ideas for the Great American Film or Series. Most likely it would be about the 2016 election. So I thought I would have a go at my own. I call it…The Worst Job In The World.


Every country has its highs and its lows. But every since September 11, 2001, the country called America has been slowly and steadily sinking into a Deep Dark Pit.
I know this because I have been paying attention. I know this because I have been observing this decline closely.
A lot of Americans will tell you that a Canadian has no business commenting on what is going on in their country. That they don’t have the perspective of actually living there, where you get a true sense of what is real and what is not.
This, of course, is bullshit. People are observing America from just about everywhere and it can be strongly argued that being outside the country actually gives you a more objective point of view.

The Worst Job In The World Act 1, The Scene Setup
Jim Murray

The 9/11 terrorist attacks gave the news media a new sense of empowerment. The 24-hour news cycle was already ingrained in the America psyche, and so people just ate it up.
And even though nobody actually came right out and said it, what was building in the country was a sense that this attack was more than an assault on the capitalist system or American imperialism and war mongering in the Middle East. It was an attack on the Christian values that many Americans hold so dear.
So what slowly and steadily grew was a deep and burning resentment of the Muslim religion and Muslims in general. This happened despite the fact that the people allegedly responsible for the attacks were terrorists who only used Islam as a straw dog and that the American people were told this repeatedly in the years that followed.
All throughout its history, the mob mentality has always been an important part of the American culture.The Worst Job In The World, A Movie Concept
The Republican government at the time headed by a Dopey Rich Guy From Texas saw 9/11 and an opportunity to wage war in the Middle East. They had a great excuse called retribution. But they also had a vested interest, because both the Dopey Rich Guy and his sidekick, the Original Warmonger, were associated with the largest weapons and weapon systems producers in America.
In fact, you could argue and probably not lose, that the Dopey Rich Guy’s administration really was the war machine incarnate.
And so America went to war. Their propaganda machine filled the people with fear and stoked their anti-Muslim sentiments. Their Congress gave the War Machine trillions of (borrowed) dollars and so began the run up to the largest debt of any country in the free world.
And what did they win? Nothing. What did they achieve? Well, a population whose resentment of the Muslim World was on a steadily rising escalator.The Worst Job In The World, A Movie Concept
While everybody was distracted by all this retaliation, the Greedy Bastards On Wall Street created a mortgage crisis that led to an internal recession of biblical proportions. It basically devastated the economy at the worst possible time. And up went the debt even higher.
The American People, in their frustration with the current government, (because you always blame government), elected an African-American Democrat as president and gave him The Worst Job In The World, because these same people didn’t have the common sense to also vote for a democratic congress or senate.
So what you ended up with was 8 years (because they re-elected both the African American The Worst Job In The World, A Movie ConceptDemocrat and the Republican congress, which you would have thought they would figured out after 4 years) and got 8 years of obstruction.
Despite the incredibly negative and racist attitude of the Senate and Congress, the African American Democrat managed, (through pure genius and the patience of Job), to bring the economy back to where it was more or less before the Wall Street Asshole-generated recession.But now the African-American Democrat is out of terms and so there needs to be a new Democrat to run for The Worst Job In The World.

The Worst Job In The World Act 2, The Left & The Right

The Worst Job In The World, A Movie ConceptThe American People had the choice between an Extremely Popular Social Democrat and a Female Ex-Secretary of State/First Lady. On the Republican side, you had 15 Dipshit Central Casting Republicans and a Mouthy Mogul from Manhattan.
Again, the American People blew it.
They blew it on the Democratic side by scuttling the Extremely Popular Social Democrat for the Female Ex-Secretary of State/First Lady.
The Worst Job In The World, A Movie ConceptThis, in turn, set up a huge rift in the Democratic Party, because the Extremely Popular Social Democrat’s supporters were extremely loyal and did not like the Female Ex-Secretary Of State/First Lady one little bit.
On the Republican side, the Mouthy Mogul From Manhattan buried the 15 other Dipshit Central Casting Republicans under a pile of bullshit so high that nobody could see the top of it and handily won the nomination.
So now he had to go head-to-head with the Female Ex-Secretary of State/First Lady, a woman whom he in fact, supported just a few short years ago. Irony Of Ironies.

The Worst Job In The World Act 3, The Election

The Mouthy Mogul From Manhattan targeted all the disenfranchised white people In America. He promised them that he would make the country great again, and actually told them more lies any anyone in the history of lying.
The Mouthy Mogul From Manhattan also managed to game his massive social media audience (the Invisible Unwashed), and the news media who found him to be such a train wreck that they couldn’t stop covering him 24/7.
In short, the Mouthy Mogul From Manhattan lied, gamed, conned and bullied his way into the presidential race, and then started going after the Female Ex-Secretary of State/First Lady with all the ferocity of a mongoose on a cobra while his audinece cheered wildly. This could be the largest instance of Stockholm Syndrome ever created.The Worst Job In The World, A Movie Concept
None of the substance of his attacks made sense or had any grounding in reality. But that didn’t matter, his base was so conditioned to his lies that they just cheered and stomped and called the Female Ex-Secretary of State/First Lady some of the nastiest names in the history of nasty name calling.
These lies had a devastating effect on the Female Ex-Secretary of State/First Lady’s campaign. But the Mouthy Mogul From Manhattan didn’t give a shit. All he cared about was winning. Because that’s the kind of Mouthy Mogul he was.
Thus a presidential race that should have been a slam dunk for the Female Ex-Secretary of State/First Lady turned out to be a genuine dog fight. She won the popular vote by just less than a million votes. But the Mouthy Mogul From Manhattan won the Electoral College votes and therefore the election. Which makes no sense at all, just like everything else in this election.
A day late and a dollar short, the Disgruntled Democratic Masses took to the streets, and are still there waving signs and being extremely pissed off.
But the Mouthy Mogul From Manhattan doesn’t give a shit.
He’s too busy trying to figure out how to make America great again because throughout his entire campaign he never actually told anyone how he was gonna do that.
This leads some people to believe that he doesn’t really have a clue how he’s going to do it. But you should trust him. Because he will figure it out sooner or later folks.


The Worst Job In The World, A Movie ConceptThe American People have been suffering the devastating effects of the 2001 terrorist attack for 15 years now. And you’d think that maybe during that time they would have been able to work through a few things.
But the American People are being bullshitted every day, by the media and their politicians. This being the case, is it actually any sort of wonder at all that the Mouthy Mogul From Manhattan is soon to become their leader?
And the adage “People Always Get The Government They Deserve” now has the potential to be replaced by “People Get The Most Repressive Government They Can Imagine”.
If you’re an American, you can get all pissed off by this opinions expressed here. But understand this. I feel terrible for you. Because out of desperation, you have given the Worst Job In The World to Least Suited Person.
There are some who hold the opinion that the Mouthy Mogul from Manhattan actually does have what it takes to do The Worst Job In The World.
It appears we will all get to see if this is true. We should all pray that it is. and pray very hard. Because this isn’t some office tower or casino he’s building. It’s the future of America. OMG.

Post Script

If you were writing a movie about the political world of the United States back in say 2000, this story would have been dismissed as just plain stupid and unrealistic and your screenplay would end up in the bottom drawer of a desk, never to be looked at again.
You just can't make this stuff up.

As usual, all comments, share and relevants/likes are appreciated.

The Worst Job In The World, A Movie Concept

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